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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Maxx Monroe takes a study break with Michael Boston, joining Michael on his bed as they collapse against each other and make out, Maxx itching to get into Michael’s pants.

Pulling Michael’s underwear off, Maxx takes Michael’s prick in his mouth and sucks it good before climbing back onto the bed and letting Michael return the favor.

They 69 next, Maxx’s big dick filling Michael’s mouth while Maxx rims and teases Michael’s hole.

These boys take their time enjoying their oral as they taste every intimate place on each other, Maxx unable to get enough of that delicious ass before fucking it bareback.

Michael presses his face into the sheets as Maxx fucks him slowly, that cock splitting his tight ass open as Maxx pushes every last inch inside, filling him to the brim.

Michael turns onto his back and spreads his ass open for Maxx who pushes inside him again, fucking him hard, deep, desperate to cum as Michael moans underneath him.

Reaching down for his dick, Michael jerks himself until he blows his load and Maxx pulls out and sprays Michael with his salty jizz!…Join them!

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67185 01 01 - Maxx Monroe

Cesar Rossi and Devin Adams are in the locker room discussing the twink they saw in the gym and the fact that he obviously has a huge cock hanging between his legs from what they could see through his shorts.

While chatting Maxx Monroe walks into the locker room and starts undressing for the shower. As he turns around, both Cesar and Devin are amazed at the huge cock hanging between his legs.

After some knowing glances and obvious desire, they are soon sharing Maxx’s huge cock between their mouths. They both do their best to deep throat all 8.5 inches of Maxx.

Maxx then sucks them and then turns his attention to their asses as he rims them both. He then takes turns fucking both of them hard and deep. Maxx continues to fuck Cesar until he explodes all over himself.

Cesar then sucks Maxx’s huge cock again until he cums all over his chest…Join them!

67034 01 01 - Maxx Monroe

Conner Mason is in his office when his student Maxx Monroe comes in. Conner is concerned because he has noticed that Maxx has been distracted and very fidgety in class as of late.

Specifically, he has noticed that Maxx keeps tugging and playing with his huge cock through his clothes. The entire time Conner is talking to Maxx, he is tugging on his cock.

Conner offers to see if there is a problem and to help Maxx. As soon as Conner sees how big Maxx’s cock is, he drops to his knees and starts sucking it.

Maxx then moves to playing with Conner’s ass and at his request, he begins fucking his Teacher right on his desk.

Maxx fucks Conner all over the desk leaving it sweaty and messy once they both blow their heavy loads…Join them!

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Sexy young white stud Maxx Monroe is standing there in his wrestling singlet admiring the sleek black body of Bama Romello.

Maxx runs his hands down Bama’s chest and arms and back making sure he’s relaxing into his massage.

Bama slides his tight skimpy underwear down just enough so that Maxx can get his oily palms into his ass crack.

Maxx is already turned on and his young cock is getting hard and tenting his crotch.

He spins Bama around and kneels taking his big black cock into his mouth and sucks it right back till it hits the back of his throat and Bama’s balls hit his chin.

Bama then returns the favor parting Maxx’s slightly hairy ass cheeks getting his tongue into his hot young hole.

He then lays underneath Maxx and pumps his throbbing huge dick deep into Maxx’s tight ass hole, making him moan loudly.

They switch positions a number of times with Bama pressing his big black cock further and harder.

This proves too much for Maxx and he sprays cum all over his stomach and chest.

Bama pulls out and blows a huge cum load emptying his balls over Maxx before fucking his cum back in Maxx’s freshly fucked hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy big muscle hunk Pierce Paris and hairy-chested young stud Maxx Monroe make out kissing passionately on the bed.

With their hands all over each other, they undress until they are both in just their tight sexy underwear.

Maxx lies down on the bed with his hand in his undies as Pierce slides his huge thick dick deep into his young throat making him gag as it hits home.

Then the two horny studs 69, sucking each others’ hard dicks making loud sucking noises as they both deepthroat cock.

Pierce then forces his massive thick uncut cock deep between Maxx’s tight ass cheeks until his rock-hard cock is balls deep with his balls slapping against his butt.

Maxx turns over to get fucked even deeper in doggy style before riding the top on the bed, but these guys aren’t done yet.

Pierce puts Maxx up against the mirror to fuck him from behind while looking into his eyes, and their reflection is so hot that Maxx cums all over it.

Pierce pulls out and shoots all over his man’s round ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hottie young stepson Maxx Monroe and sexy stepdad Mason Lear share their cum in this hot Gaycest story.

He suddenly asked if I was gonna cum inside him. I assumed it was something he wanted and I was getting pretty close, so I figured it was an option worth considering.

I started banging him with more force as the semen rose in my balls and then suddenly I felt it leaping out of my dick into his tight little ass.

The very semen that made him was now gushing into him.

It was a profoundly beautiful and life-changing moment. I hope for us both.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Summary StoryMaxx Monroe and Mr. Mason Lear’s relationship has gone to a whole new level. Ever since they first started exploring each other’s bodies, there’s a new degree of closeness between them they’d never expected to …

Full StoryMaxx needed some comfort after a bad dream, so he crawled into bed with his dad to calm down and fall back asleep. Mr. Lear welcomed his son and both fell asleep again. Being in their underwear meant that they were skin-to-skin as they slept, with Mr. Lear being the big spoon. Maxx was instantly comforted feeling his dad’s closeness.

It’s no surprise that a young man like Maxx popped wood while snuggled in with his dad. It happens to all guys and especially a hot young stud like Maxx. He reached down to rub himself gently while feeling his dad’s chest hair rub gently across his back. The repetitive motion gently woke Mr. Lear up, who realized he had his arms wrapped around his son while the son was jerking himself!

Mr. Lear wanted to let Maxx know that he was okay with what was going on, so he slipped his own hand down to where he could lightly caress his son’s crotch. The jolt that sent through his young body was so intense!

Mr. Lear couldn’t help but chuckle a little; he remembers how horny he was when he was the same age as Maxx. Mr. Lear stroked a little harder, pulling his son’s underwear off as he rubbed. The boy’s cock instantly hit full-staff, and what a long, thick staff it is, too!

Mr. Lear repositioned himself so he could pull that big man-toy into his mouth. Maxx moaned in joy. This is more than he was expecting, even though it’s secretly what he was hoping for. Mr. Lear bobbed up and down on the hard cock, occasionally rubbing his son’s nipples for that occasional extra jolt of pure sexual sensation! Every nerve Maxx has in his body is on full horny alert!

Maxx felt Mr. Lear’s cock get hard, too. He’s horny as hell as well! Maxx flips around to give Mr. Lear a favor in return and slurps the daddy dick down his throat whole! The hairy hunk moans loudly; he doesn’t care who might hear! His son is giving him the best blowjob he’s ever had!

Maxx loves feeling that cock slide up and down in his throat. He times his breathing perfectly so Mr. Lear doesn’t have to adjust his rhythm. His wet throat feels so good to Mr. Lear, he gently wraps his hands around Maxx’ face to get as much of himself down that throat as he can!

Mr. Lear slides out of his son’s mouth and pulls his face up for a deep and passionate kiss. Max loves the closeness he feels and instinctively grinds up against his dad. A playful moment as the two men hold their dicks together and tandem jerk for a few moments. That gets Mr. Lear even hotter for his son’s sweet hole!

He positions himself gently at the opening and pushes his way in little-by-little. Maxx gets that incredible sensation of pleasure and a little pain as he opens up to take it all in. Soon, Maxx has his Dad’s entire cock firmly up his ass.

Mr. Lear checks one last time and, seeing the look of joy on his boy, starts pumping his cock up and down in his boy’s hole. Maxx is seeing stars at this point! Mr. Lear picks the pace up, feeling the heat from both his own dick and the reactions his horny son has from the fucking!

Maxx gets up on his knees so he can take the entire length! The feeling of his dad’s long dick balls-deep inside is super-erotic and he’s having the time of his life!

Mr. Lear flips Maxx onto his back so they can kiss while they fuck. Maxx loves the taste of his dad on his lips, and that same sensation is kicking Mr. Lear’s fucking into overdrive!

Moans and groan fill the room, growing until Mr. Lear says those magic words, “I’m gonna cum!”

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Summary StoryNew apprentice, Maxx Monroe, dutifully stands, takes a deep breath, and begins to undress. He takes off his tie and shirt, desperate to appear calm while his hands shake uncontrollably. Felix Kamp watches …

Full StoryMaxx has been summoned to one of the ceremonial rooms for his first interview. He’s smartly dressed in shirt and tie, his mouse brown hair neatly cropped and styled. The powerful and intimidating Master Kamp ushers Maxx to a seat.

Maxx feels nervous and self-conscious. Everything in the room is almost glaringly white, from the carpet and walls to the fabric curtains which billow in the soft, summer breeze.

Kamp, dressed in a white suit, sits down next to Maxx and studies the boy’s face. The silence makes Maxx increasingly uncomfortable. Kamp finally speaks.

His voice is soft but authoritative. He has a strong German accent. He reads a signed declaration, reminding Maxx of the promise he made to serve his superiors at all times during his apprenticeship.

But before Maxx can meet his obligations, Kamp has a list of probing questions that he needs to ask him. It’s important to find out more about the boy and Kamp insists on absolute honesty.

The master’s initial line of questioning focuses on the boy’s sexuality. The quest for pleasure is central to Masonic philosophy and it’s vital to know what makes a boy tick. Knowledge is power, after all.

When asked, Maxx flatly denies being attracted to men. That is a typical response. A boy will often require gentle persuasion to accept his true nature and Kamp is the master of persuasion.

The Master reminds Maxx of his promise to serve his superiors before casually ordering the boy to take off all of his clothes. Maxx is utterly dumbfounded and, for a moment, freezes, as he tries to process Kamp’s demand.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!