Zach Astor

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Top

Cocky Boys gay porn scenes of Zach Astor

Sexy young dude Avery Jones picks up Zach Astor in a camper for a hot weekend trip away from the city.

After a perfect day enjoying each others’ company Avery and Zach retire to the camper van for a hot quiet session wanking their huge twink dicks.

Avery is first to suck down hard on Zach’s thick young cock in the back of the van.

When the horny boys get back home the fun times really begin with them making out kissing passionately before Zach blows Avery’s huge thick dick.

Zach is very vocal expressing how good it feels as Avery uses his mouth and hands and takes on the challenge of deep-throating him.

Soon Avery also worships Zach’s cock and balls and plants kisses over his taut torso. As they make out again, Zach reaches around to play with Avery’s hole and tongue fuck it.

Avery is also vocal in his pleasure and gets up to sit on Zach’s face and feed him cock. After riding his tongue Avery moves down and slides his hole on Zach’s waiting cock.

Avery’s hole swallows every inch of cock and soon he’s taking Zach’s deep, slow upward and sideways thrusts.

Zach shows there’s more to a top than fucking as he makes out with Avery and sucks his cock with the same devotion he received.

But soon Zach goes back to fucking Avery on his back, plowing him relentlessly until he fucks a huge cum load out of him.

With his passionate lust still, unquelled Zach makes out with Avery and turns him over to tongue fuck his ass again.

With Avery’s hole primed again, Zach fucks Avery’s raised up the ass and practically gets on top to drill him.

Zach’s cock finds the bullseye again and Avery cums again, milking his cock dry.

In no time Zach pulls out and, just as Avery wanted, he shoots over his hole and plunges back in to breed him deeply.

As they lie back, totally spent, Zach’s fat cock is still pumped. Looks like that getaway did it some good too.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young stud Tannor Reed is extremely nervous about being partnered with Zach Astor and his legendary humongous dick.

Fortunately, Zach knows just how to treat a first-timer.

At first, he gives Tannor just enough control & some affectionate sex talk as Tannor goes down Zach and gulps down his thick monster.

Tannor sucks Zach deep and several times takes his fat dick into his throat and as he goes on, Zach gets a little more dominant. Eagerly submissive, Tannor follows Zach’s murmured commands and licks his big balls.

When ordered, Tannor stands up so Zach can suck him, and he gets into a near upside-down position when Zach wants to eat his ass.

Tannor relishes it all from Zach’s tongue fucking & finger probes to his cock-teasing.

Before giving him his cock, Zach gets Tannor to bend over and play with his own hole.

And when it’s sufficiently primed, Zach stuffs his cock in Tannor’s hole, fucking him with the full length of his shaft.

Still in charge he soon Zach gets Tannor to ride his dick even deeper. But before finishing him off, Zach really eats out his hole.

Zach bends over Tannor and drills him harder but soon gives in to his request to fuck him on his back so they can be face-to-face.

Zach plows Tannor and kisses him and it isn’t long before Tannor explodes in a geyser of cum.

Zach keeps fucking but soon lies back to stroke out a load and Tannor is right there to get every drop.

They’re both delighted at the end but it’s Tannor who sums it up in one word: “Amazing!”

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young studs Troye Jacobs and Zach Astor love early morning sex when the day is just beginning and night turns to, day.

Blonde cutie Zach reaches down to touch dark-haired twink Troye’s soft cock which springs to a solid erection at the slightest touch of Zach’s fingers.

Zach strokes Troye’s dick gently and fingers his smooth ass hole with a finger.

Troye gets his mouth close to Zach’s big underwear crotch bulge tagging at the fabric trying to free his stiff young cock.

As he releases Zach’s huge dick and he jerks his own throbbing tool he then goes in sucking Zach’s dick right to the back of his deep throat, gagging when its big mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat.

And he just sucks him with even more enthusiasm.

Zach soon gets Troye into a 69 position so he can rim, tongue fuck, and deep-suck him while Troye keeps going down on him.

It’s not long before Zach flips Troy on his tummy and goes from tonguing his hole to filling it with his cock.

Playtime is over as Zach pounds him and lies on top thrusting into the moaning bottom relentlessly.

Troye continues to take it hard as Zach drills him from the side and shows no sign of easing upon him.

Finally, Zach turns Troy on his back to keep up his intense fucking as they’re face to face and in a locked gaze.

Zach really wants to make Troye cum, even as he’s edging himself closer.

So just a Troye wants, Zach lies back and strokes himself to give Troye a mouthful of cum and a facial.

This, plus Zach’s dick in his mouth pushes Troye over the edge and he shoots his load over himself in an intense orgasm.

In little time they’ve eased into a tranquil state of satisfaction…now this is how to start your day off right.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Newcomer Blake Dyson makes his CockyBoys debut and Zach Astor is the one to welcome him.

Blake has a story to share on how he came to us and to porn in general, but he’s more interested in letting us know he likes to be kissed on the neck and back and really likes his ass eaten.

Zach gives him exactly what he wants and puts Blake in a state of vocal ecstasy.

When he gets his chance, Blake puts Zach in a similar state by sucking his cock as it grows to ginormous proportions.

Blake soon gets into a 69 and Zach resumes eating his ass, but his desire to be inside Blake is overwhelming.

Zach gets Blake on his back and after spit-lubing his hole, he maneuvers his cock into him and fucks him deep.

Once again Blake is in utter, breathless bliss as Zach pounds him on his back and from the side.

The deeper he goes the more Blake utters vivid sex talk and the more excited Zach gets as he drills him from behind.

After kissing Blake along his back, Zach pulls out to rim his ass again and flip him on his back to suck his cock and give him more vocal pleasure.

But now Zach wants Blake to ride him, and he does, quickly achieving the momentum bring himself to shoot a thick load over Zach’s abs.

And he keeps riding Zach right up to the edge, dismounting quickly to get a tasty facial.

As Blake gives Zach a sticky kiss, they are both full of compliments for how good everything was. Welcome to CockyBoys, Blake.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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