Will Wilkle

Will Wikle first came into the public eye appearing as a contestant on the fifth season of Big Brother. Since then, he’s starred in a variety of reality TV series on Logo and Bravo and snagged leading roles in mainstream films. Will has built a reputation as a handsome, out-and-proud pop culture icon, but for the past eight years, he’s refocused his career path and now works as a health practitioner.

He’s driven, passionate, and has a good head on his shoulders… which may come as a surprise since his staggering good looks are so distracting. With his impeccable body and Hollywood-ready face, Will has been approached to do porn many, many times over the years.

And while he’s always been curious, Will never felt the kind of comfort or creativity he was looking for in the adult industry until he found CockyBoys. Together with director Jake Jaxson, Will developed an idea for a feature-length film with exactly the kind of multi-dimensional storytelling and intensely erotic sex sequences he was envisioning.

Alongside CockyBoys Colby Keller and Levi Karter, Will makes his porn debut in The Stillest Hour arriving at CockyBoys this Spring.

Hair Color: Blonde / Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Will Wilkle scenes at Cockyboys

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From award-winning director Jake Jaxson comes the second and final installment of THE STILLEST HOUR, a twisted new take on the psychosexual thriller that explores the power of perception and reality.

Norman (Will Wikle) is a highly committed psychotherapist in New York City whose life, whether he knows it or not, has been reduced to a cyclical pattern of idealistic perfection and strict personal routines.

His professionalism and obsessive habits are soon tested when one of his clients, a headstrong and independent artist (Colby Keller) details through series of sexually provocative sessions, a budding relationship with an impressionable millennial (Levi Karter) who appears to be stalking him. When Norman becomes captivated by this power play, the tables are flipped as the boy soon becomes involved in the personal lives of both men.

Presented in two parts, THE STILLEST HOUR’s final act finds things becoming more serious and complicated between all of the trio. As they each continue to explore their relationships with one another, power dynamics appear to shift, and perception gives into reality.

What’s exciting about this scene is that it virtually edges the viewer to its climax. And boy what a climax. Featuring Will Wilkle in his long awaited porn debut with Colby Keller the passion, the connection and the sheer man-on-man lovemaking is both intense and satisfying. Both of their bodies shine with perfection, and their hands don’t stop touching one another, as they’re soaked in sweat and devour one another.

Colby’s fucking is so intense that it’s impossible not to actually feel each of Colby’s thrusts as he looses control, taking the uptight therapist to a new level of excitement. And Will makes sure we all know that he is indeed fully committed to the Art of Porn…Join them!