Will Wikle

Will Wikle first came into the public eye appearing as a contestant on the fifth season of Big Brother. Since then, he’s starred in a variety of reality TV series on Logo and Bravo and snagged leading roles in mainstream films. Will has built a reputation as a handsome, out-and-proud pop culture icon, but for the past eight years, he’s refocused his career path and now works as a health practitioner.

He’s driven, passionate, and has a good head on his shoulders… which may come as a surprise since his staggering good looks are so distracting. With his impeccable body and Hollywood-ready face, Will has been approached to do porn many, many times over the years.

And while he’s always been curious, Will never felt the kind of comfort or creativity he was looking for in the adult industry until he found CockyBoys. Together with director Jake Jaxson, Will developed an idea for a feature-length film with exactly the kind of multi-dimensional storytelling and intensely erotic sex sequences he was envisioning.

Alongside CockyBoys Colby Keller and Levi Karter, Will makes his porn debut in The Stillest Hour arriving at CockyBoys this Spring!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Will Wikle scenes at Cockyboys

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Following his much anticipated most recent feature film, The Stillest Hour, Will Wikle has returned for his first “official sex scene”. Instead of taking on a fictional role that emphasizes the sexy “psycho” in psychotherapist, Will is excited to finally let loose and be himself getting fucked on camera.

As he so adequately admits during his first interview, “It’s like I’m back in the Big Brother house” a throwback to his past career aligning with CockyBoys’ signature documentary style approach. The only difference, of course, is that he’s eager to get drilled and filled by his ultimate fantasy porn crush, Jimmy Durano, and wants his audience to “watch it play out in real time,” something you’re not likely to see on any network reality TV show anytime soon!

A curious porn consumer growing up, Will had always been transfixed by Jimmy’s tall and muscular body, his thick cock, and the aggressive way he takes control when he pounds an eager bottom. Seeing an opportunity to live out his ultimate sex fantasy, Will took Jimmy to a remote location on the shores of Fire Island, a laid back and judgment-free “gay paradise” where the guys got to explore the beaches, soak in a romantic sunset, and get naked as soon as possible.

After some passionate kissing back at their cabana, Will was ready to knock Jimmy’s socks off with a toe-curling blowjob. With Jimmy now rock hard, Will took him to the shower outside (obscured only by a glass wall and some bamboo stalks) and allowed Jimmy to rim him as the water dripped down both their bodies.

Will possesses the rare talent of being both very verbal and very submissive when he’s getting fucked, but it didn’t take much for Jimmy to understand how badly Will wanted to get pounded right there and then. Judging by Jimmy’s quick thrusts and the hard sounds of his lower abs slapping against Will’s butt, it’s pretty clear how much Jimmy wanted to jack-hammer Will into oblivion as well.

After their romp in the shower, the guys dried off on a nearby deck chair and continued fucking in the heat of the moment. Will laid back and opened his legs wide so Jimmy could go as deep as possible, the sounds Will can make are indescribable.

With his dick still hard as ever, Will climbed on top of Jimmy and rode his cock until he reached the point of no return, blowing a huge load with Jimmy’s cock still firmly planted inside. Will wanted to be as close as possible to Jimmy’s cock for his grand finale, and his eyes were literally inches away from Jimmy’s long and satisfying cumshot.

Whatever expectations Will may have had playing out his ultimate sex fantasy with Jimmy, it’s pretty safe to say they were met on Fire Island…Join them!