Tayte Hanson

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’1″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American New Mexico

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Tayte Hanson and Noah Jones express their love for each other via a good pounding.

Tayte starts by prepping Noah’s dick with a warm and wet blowjob, swallowing that shaft down to the hilt. He hops right on top and rides Noah’s cock before taking it from behind.

Noah thrusts into Tayte until he blows his load right onto his face…Join them!


Griffin Barrows and Tayte Hanson explore each other’s delicious dicks and luscious asses…Join them!


Tayte Hanson pays Sunny Colucci a visit after his boyfriend unexpectedly packs up and leaves. It doesn’t take much convincing to get Sunny in the sack. Tayte takes that dick in his mouth, savoring every inch. After plunging his tongue in Sunny’s hole, he fills the void with his pulsing cock and pumps away.

After some plowing Tayte hops on top of Sunny’s cock and rides that beautiful piece of meat, taking it deep inside him. The guys flip back and forth to a satisfying cum-bursting climax…Join them!

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The last time we met up with boy band sensation New Direction, the guys were shooting their new music video directed by legendary filmmaker Chi Chi LaRue. The location was a notable gay club, the director a famous drag queen and pornographer, and the homoerotic lyrics of their songs seemed to provoke one blatantly obvious question… are these guys gay or what?

The members of the band have explicitly denied discussing their sexuality in public, but when indie filmmaker Jake Jaxson was given the OK by frontman Liam Riley to film a behind-the-scenes documentary of the band members’ personal lives, all the juicy secrets have suddenly come to the surface… whether they like it or not.

In this second installment of One Erection: The (Un)making of a Boy Band, more of the T is spilled when the band’s sexuality is called out by celeb-journalist Evan Ross Katz in a heated interview. Liam Riley vocalizes some internalized feelings regarding fellow New Direction member Levi Karter and the recently departed Allen King, and band manager Jason Maddox is soon at odds for finding a replacement.

Complications ensue, however, when Jason gets mixed up in his own personal love interest, the token evangelical rock singer of the group, Tayte Hanson. With their priorities all over the place, the remaining members of the band come to terms with Tayte replacing Allen as their new choreographer, while Jason comes to terms with accepting a more public relationship with Tayte.

As New Direction’s hit single “Sticky Face” reaches the top of the charts, we soon find out the true meaning of the song. With Tayte’s pride for being a stern… if rather weird… supporter of making Jesus “sexier,” Jason finally comes to terms with making their relationship as explicitly exposed as possible.

Soon enough, Tayte’s Walmart bestselling hit “Nailed Him” takes on a whole new meaning as he gets nailed by Jason’s cock in every way imaginable! And then finally a surprise special guest crashes the party, making the future of New Direction anything but certain……Join them!

Today Levi Karter and Tayte Hanson meet again and come full circle as Levi was Tayte’s very first scene partner.

The boys talk about those early times which was an age ago, a full six years ago to be precise. You can watch it here.

They gossip about the fun they had on and off-screen. They’ve clearly rekindled the chemistry they had originally back then.

When Tayte and Levi begin to kiss, their intense passion ignites with full-on making out and mutual caressing of their hard bodies.

Once Levi sees Tayte’s thick cock he descends on it hungrily, only stopped by Tayte who hasn’t quite finished making out with him.

But after Tayte strips naked, he lets Levi go all in deep-throating him. Tayte takes pleasure in this as well as verbally commanding Levi to do what he wants and when he wants it.

After playing around with Levi’s hot ass, Tayte gets him to recline on his face for some deep ass-rimming.

When he lets Levin sit on his cock, he still maintains control, pumping his cock up into Levi’s hole at his own pace, and Tayte’s cock keeps plunging in deep after he picks up Levi and fucks him in mid-air.

Tayte’s cock never leaves Levi’s hole as he sits kneels down and leans Levi back to plow him.

He’s a non-stop sex machine as he fucks Levi on his back and drills down deep by pushing his legs back.

Without pause, Tayte sits on Levi’s face, sucks him, fucks his hole and his face, and back into the hole before flipping him on all fours.

Ass-teasing leads Tayte to resume his wild fucking of Levi from behind, on top of him, and finally, with Levi’s ass raised up high, Tayte cums over the gaping hole and breeds him.

A still-hard Tayte fucks Levi on his back until he shoots all over himself.

As they kiss again, that post-sex euphoria quickly kicks in. Both guys are giddy leading Levi to say happily, “That was exactly what I needed!”

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young hottie Zeke Wood is excited to meet Tayte Hanson and they get straight down to it, kissing passionately.

Tayte worships Zek from head to foot teasing his big dick until it is fully erect.

He is soon sucking his cock and balls, rimming him, fingering his tight hole, and testing his pucker muscles.

Before going for more, Tayte sits his hot ass on Zeke’s mouth for some rimming and feeding Zeke his thick cock.

Tayte flips him on his stomach for more ass play and cocksucking until he finally gives him his cock to pound his ass.

Getting Zeke into the perfect position to take him has consequences: Tayte makes him cum virtually hands-free.

Undeterred, Tayte picks things up again and drills Zeke then leans against the bed’s headboard to get sucked, rimmed, and fingered every which way by an increasingly excited Zeke.

And soon Zeke is fucking Tayte from behind and in an acrobatic position with his big dick hitting that sweet spot over and over.BUT, Tayte turns around and gives Zeke what he’s wanted: to ride him

As Zeke grinds on his cock, Tayte shows him how to give them both maximum pleasure in several positions.

Finally, Zeke rides him and Tayte’s deep thrusts make him shoot a full load over Tayte’s body.

He’s right there to finger-fuck Tayte who strokes out a big load and gives Zeke an unintended facial.

You won’t have to guess if they had a real good time…it’s very clear.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Returning to Camp CockyBoys is a memory-triggering homecoming for Tayte Hanson and he’s happy to help newbie Eli Bennet make some memories too.

The guys spend time together with Tayte showing Eli around before they relax in the hammock getting to know each other. After a fun, unexpected visit By Kane Fox, Tayte & Eli retreat to the patio, where things get interesting.

It’s Eli who’s the seducer, running his hands over Tayte’s body and fulsome crotch and kissing him on the neck to the point Tayte gets goosebumps. Soon Tayte kisses him back with increasing passion and control just as Eli likes and Tayte ramps it up getting him to suck his cock.

Eli sucks him deep and Tayte gets more dominant as he face fucks him and holds him on his cock and verbally commands Eli’s actions. After Eli has taken Tayte’s cock & balls every which way he can, Tayte flips him on his tummy and eats his hole.

Tayte can’t get enough and soon puts Eli on his back to continue rimming him in addition to sucking his cock. Once Tayte has spit-lubed Eli to his satisfaction, he starts fucking him with building momentum and depth, still dominating his hole but kissing him passionately too.

When he wants Eli to ride him, Tayte simply flips on his back with his cock still buried inside Eli, who leans back as he rides him. Soon, when Tayte offers him the chance, Eli sucks him more, then turns around to ride him again. This time they angle themselves to kiss as they fuck and Tayte strokes Eli as he rides him.

Tayte can sense when Eli is close and he keeps jerking him until he shoots a big thick load. Tayte is close too and gets Eli to suck him again and when he blows he gives Eli a facial they both get to savor. They’re both on a post-sex high as they lie together, expressing just how hot their afternoon was.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hot top Kane Fox wants to learn to be a better bottom and Tayte Hanson is here to help! He spends a little time getting to know Kane and he proceeds with some skillfully intuitive foreplay.

After a mix of kissing and licking Kane from neck to crack, a little foot play, and humping, Tayte soon tongue dives into Kane’s hole.

Taking on a semi-dominant role Tayte spit-lubes Kane and teases his hole but instead of fucking him he moves in front of him to make Kane suck his thick cock.

While Kane goes all-in on sucking him, Tayte reaches around to finger him and soon he flips over Kane to tongue his hole one more time.

Now sure he’s now ready, Tayte slowly slides his cock into Kane while lovingly giving him instructions to take it.

Tayte takes his time helping Kane get used to his cock before he starts fucking him harder and deeper and helps him reach the juncture of pain & pleasure.

Soon after reaching this point Tayte flips Kane on his back to lap at his hole and uses his fingers to expand his hole while continue to “teach” him.

Tayte also uses this time to give Kane oral pleasure, deep-sucking his cock and balls and eating his hole even more.

Tayte fucks Kane on his back, focusing even more on how he responds and kissing him to relax him even more.

In one more lesson, Tayte has Kane ride his cock and he raises the intensity by getting Kane to choke him…which Tayte reciprocates.

Finally, Tayte lies back to stroke out a big load and give a facial to Kane who soon shoots his own load all over himself.

Kane kisses Tayte, genuinely grateful to him for the memorable bottoming experience he craved.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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