Leo Louis

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Fully geared up as Leo Louis’s pup, Edward Terrant whimpers and nuzzles his snout on Leo’s crotch and his devotion is finally rewarded with Leo playing with his ass and his butt plug tail.

After removing his “tail” Leo eats out Edward’s hole and caresses his smooth body before giving him what he really wants his beer can cock.

Edward hungrily sucks Leo through his puppy mask and goes as deep as he can.

Leo takes Edward to the next level by fucking him from behind. Leo starts off slowly to give Edward’s hole time to expand and get accustomed to his cock’s girth, then pounds him harder & faster in full doggy style.

After easing up, Leo flips Edward on his back to drill him hard and he keeps this intense momentum when he takes him from behind again.

Edward moans louder as he gets closer but Leo switches in up again by fucking him on his back on top of a large upright tire.

Now both guys are immersed in pleasure, even in the seemingly awkward position.

At last, Leo goes over the edge and shoots his load all over Edward’s hole which he pumps back into once more.

Leo then nuzzles Edward who lets go and shoots his intense load, made extra thick & huge from the long edging.

That’s not all! Stay tuned for a post-sex Q&A with Leo and an unmasked Edward as they talk about themselves, their roommates-with-benefits relationship, their gear & puppy play, the artistic style of this porn scene, and more.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Cory Kane is back, he’s been away for almost a year but he’s returned teamed up with Leo Louis for a very special outdoor sex scene.

On a hot beautiful summer’s day Cory hikes around the woods near his home cruising looking for guys for sex. He bumps into a hot shirtless artist Leo who is busy sketching. But once Cory takes out his big dick and strokes his thick dick, Leo is riveted and puts away his sketchpad to follow Cory deeper into the woods.

Here, they make out with hungry passion until Cory gets on his knees and when Leo unzips and his ginormous hard cock is revealed, Cory is faced with a BIG challenge. Cory uses his mouth and his hands to service as much of Leo’s cock as he can until Leo takes charge.

He sensuously sucks Cory’s thick cock and easily puts Cory under his spell. So, when Leo makes his next move, he doesn’t even have order Cory to bend over. He just does, holding onto a log as Leo buries his face in his ass crack.

He spends long time there, his tongue and mouth lubing Cory’s hole for the big one. Leo partially eases his cock into Cory, stretching him out and barely goes into him half-way. He decides to give Cory a little break and they lie together on a blanket.

They kiss and stroke themselves and each other for a bit until Leo makes his next move. Turning Cory on his side he rims him and works his cock into his hole. This time Leo doesn’t hold back and drills Cory’s hole deeper.

Finally Leo gets Cory on his back to pound him balls deep and Cory now wants it all. Leo’s ass-pounding leads to his fucking a load out of Cory and as Leo gets close, Cory begs for a facial.

Leo delivers big time with a thick load covering much of Cory’s face and Leo spreads it all over with his cock and hands. As Leo kisses, Cory responds breathlessly with two words that say it all”fuck yeah.”

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Avery Jones’s best-laid plans for his stay at the sexual awakenings retreat have truly gone astray. He’s split with his boyfriend before they went, so the newly single has gone to get laid..without much luck.

And, his meditation workshop isn’t what he expected as it’s run by free-spirited but intuitive radical faerie Leo Louis whose unorthodox methods annoy & perplex Avery.

Eventually, Leo breaks down Avery’s resistance and “cockmitizes” him, showing off his irresistibly big dick which Avery promptly sucks. He can’t get enough of it, deep-throating Leo, licking every inch of his cock & balls non-stop.

As content as Leo is to get this pleasure, he wants to return the favor and puts Avery into a state of ecstasy rimming him from behind and on his back while also sucking his cock. But it’s when he slides his cock into Avery that Leo gets the desired results.

Leo’s steady deep fucking is just what Avery wanted and he takes it all–on his back and from the side before Leo fucks him up against a tree. He pounds and stretches out Avery and doesn’t quit until he fucks a load out of him.

Making Avery cum pushes Leo over the edge and he pulls out to shoot his massive load. He pumps his cock back into Avery who fucks himself back on Leo before they make out.

Lying down with Leo, Avery couldn’t be more satisfied to be opened up in more ways than one by him.

And, in the basking of the afterglow, Avery learns Leo is just as kooky as he appears. And that’s a good thing!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Older muscle stud Manuel Skye and Edward Terrant visited Leo Louis at his home to shoot this lovely little horny gay sex movie.

It’s a steamy, sensual mix of sex, art, and genuine connection.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Cute young curly-haired stud Cristiano bottoms for hottie Basketballer Leo Louis’s massive thick dick.

As Christiano’s out for a jog, his attention is caught by Leo Louis bouncing a basketball in his driveway… and Leo’s dick bouncing in his shorts.

Christiano stops for a better look, and the blond stud invites him to play, rubbing up against Christiano’s ass, then getting a feel after he goes for the dunk.

Leo rims the curly-haired bottom and brings him to the backyard, where Christiano sucks him, then bends over to take that big dick.

Leo slams that tight hole in missionary, and Christiano orgasms as he rides the top, then takes a three-point facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hardcore gay sex foursome Theo Brady, Edward Terrant, Leo Louis and Jordan Lake big dick ass fucking.

Theo Brady and his buddies have built the ultimate pranka fake porta-potty.

Now all they have to do is wait with their cameras out for an unsuspecting mark to step inside.

Once twink Jordan Lake sits on the seat, he’s shocked by dicks coming at him from either side while Theo fingers his hole.

The guys tear down the walls, leaving Jordan with his pants down, but Theo walks him home to give him a prize for being such a good sport.

Jordan sucks the top’s cock, then Theo drills him in doggy style.

The bottom rides the tattooed hunk, and Theo pounds the cum out of him in missionary, then finishes on his face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!