Every gay porn video and gay porn image gallery of Kane Fox.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dicmk
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Helix Studios gay porn scenes of Kane Fox

Kane Fox’s first tentative steps into the gay porn world has been hailed by fans from across the world, and everyone is asking when can we see more of this hot twink/twunk.

Kane’s solo stroke show quickly went on to become Helix Studios most popular video in just one week. That is a record for a single solo stroke show. It was scorchingly hot! So there is more Kane on the way, here he is the star of his own Introducing episode.

Jacob Hansen, another fan-favorite, chats up the hot young dude, over a flirtatious game of Jenga, where we find out that manly mother’s boy comes from a small town in Virginia.

Kane is a bit of a homeboy, who loves playing video games and going exercise at the gym, which definitely shows in his deliciously developing physique. The new boy on the block came out as bisexual two years ago; but, in an adorable moment of self-realization on camera, realizes, he hasn’t been with a girl since! We say, welcome home Mr. Fox, welcome home.

The thick-bodied twenty-three-year-old has bottomed, but prefers to top; and…..he tells us with a giggle and a grin, he loves balls in his face! At that moment the guy’s Jenga game tumbles down onto the table; and, the boys decide to take a tumble in the sheets! After the fun, flirty interview, it’s no surprise these two have crazy chemistry.

Kane’s kisses make Jacob moan, and his boxer briefs fill with rock hard bone. The attentive Fox feels the thick dick throb on his thigh. He drops down to pop his pornstar cherry with one of the best first time “on cam” cock rockers you’ll see! The ball loving, boner boy works every portion of Jacob’s jock, paying close attention to his favorite, funk-filled part.

Anxious to take a taste of the new dude, Hansen plants his pretty mouth on Fox’s fat phallus and bobs like a bitch with a bit of help from Kane’s hand on his head. Jacob’s juicy bubble butt craves attention, and get it in the form of an incredibly erotic, ass eating from the newbie, who’s not afraid to GET IN THERE!

After the moan inducing butt licking, Hansen finally screams out “oh, just fuck me!” He ends up atop Kane’s cock, riding the big rig raw as the rough houser hammers his hips up hard enough to make that ass clap against his thick thighs.

Jacob gets smashed on his side, then beat DOWN on his back by Fox’s thrusting dick, causing the banged out bottom to shoot, and score a three-pointer that launches up, off his torso, and clears clean past his sexy armpit before splattering onto the bed.

Kane cranks up the cock, then glazes Hansen’s used hole with a butt load of gooey goods.

Once fully unloaded, he plunges his veiny piece back in his bottom’s backdoor, pumps it a few times, then smacks Hansen’s hot hole with his huge hog for good measure…Join them!

Aiden Garcia and his boyfriend Kane Fox have been splashing about in the pool all afternoon.

Aiden calls Kane who’s relaxing floating on an inflatable pink flamingo, he has a surprise for him.

The boys head off back to the house. Aiden is moving back to South America and won’t see Kane for a long time.

Aiden hands Kane an envelope, Kane proceeds to read that Aiden has been accepted for school in Las Vegas.

They kiss and make out passionately. Kane lies back as Aiden sucks his cock, in long slow up and down movements.

Licking and sucking the whole length of his young cock.

Kane gets on his knees and returns the favor blowing Aiden’s twink dick balls deep.

Pushing Aiden down onto the sofa Kane open his legs and gets his tongue in deep between Aiden’s ass cheeks rimming his hot hole.

Aiden moans as Kane pushes his hard erect dick into his hot bubble butt ass hole.

They fuck in a number of different positions each time Kane bareback fucks his raw dick deeper into Aiden’s asshole.

While Aiden’s hole is filled with Kane’s huge twink dick he spews cum all over his abs and chest while Kane fucks him harder and harder until he also blows cum all over them both.

They both end up in a sticky cum mess.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Cocky Boys gay porn scenes of Kane Fox

We have two foxy foxes making their CockyBoys debut together: Kane Fox and Felix Fox…who is making his “pro” debut.

The guys click from the start with big smiles and complementary tastes.

And since Felix expresses an interest in light bondage, he and Kane engage in a little kinky role-play.

Stripped down to a jockstrap and a blindfold, Felix plays with his rippling muscles & hard nipples as Kane watches, then approaches him to take control.

Kane bends over Felix who is breathlessly thrilled to submit and offer up his ass…which is promptly smacked.

Kane watches himself in the mirror as he makes out with Felix, dry humps him, and manhandles his body and his steely-muscled and vein-bulging neck.

Flex wants him even more and Kane turns his attention to eat out his smooth hole while fondling his creamy ass mounds.

After considerable teasing Kane moves in front of Felix to feed him cock, face-fuck him and test his deep-throating skills.

Kane pushes Felix a little more, ordering him to put on a dirty & vocal muscle-flexing show while he jacks off to the sexy exhibitionist.

Soon though, Kane answers Felix’s begging and fucks him from behind.

As he does, Kane continues to manhandle Felix and grab him by his thick curly hair before unmasking him to make him watch in the mirror too.

When “Sir” Kane has had enough of that he puts Felix on top of the counter to plow him more, enjoy his body and let his cock out.

Even as they make out with increasing passion, their dom and sub dynamic persists.

Kane switches it up again by sitting down and making Felix flex his muscles again while they both jack off.

Soon Kane sucks Felix and brings him very close to the edge and after making out and stroking their dicks together, Kane sits back to get more head.

And when he has fucked Felix deeply, Kane commands him to sit on his slobbered-up cock.

Felix rides him until he is ready to cum and that’s when Kane strokes him and milks an extra thick load out of him.

Kane licks some up and feeds Felix his own load before getting up to give him an open-mouthed facial.

Kane makes out again with Felix and is still in charge of him. And that’s the way they BOTH like it.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Avery Jones is naked relaxing in the bathtub of his apartment waiting for sexy top Kane Fox to arrive.

When Kane enters the bathroom, naked from the waist up and he starts playing with Avery’s feet, massaging them and checking out his tight young body and big soft dick.

They talk and flirt before Kane strips off his jeans and joins Avery in the tub, kissing passionately.

When Kane moves to sit on the bathtub edge we see he is sporting a huge erect boner.

Avery touches his thick cock and low-hanging balls with his foot and Kane grabs his foot and wanks it together with his dick.

Avery fondles it with his foot which Kane loves, but they both agree Avery needs to suck it.

Avery gives Kane a thorough and deep sucking and he’s rewarded by Kane’s total ass-eating.

Kane then transitions to fucking Avery from behind.

He thrusts into him slowly and deeply, the excitement heightened by watching themselves in the mirror as Kane picks up speed.

Avery has some moves of his own, using his hole on Kane’s cock as the handsome top leans back on the tub.

Kane helps by holding Avery by the hips and using his hole like a sex toy.

Soon they work in tandem fucking against the mirror until Kane takes over and keeps fucking hard until Avery goes over the edge and shoots his load on the mirror.

He wastes no time scooping it up and having Kane fuck it into him.

Now it’s Kane ready to blow and he sits back to stroke out his thick load and gives Avery a big, open-mouthed facial.

They go for one more round of sensual kissing, now enhanced with post-sex euphoria and the taste of cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hot top Kane Fox wants to learn to be a better bottom and Tayte Hanson is here to help! He spends a little time getting to know Kane and he proceeds with some skillfully intuitive foreplay.

After a mix of kissing and licking Kane from neck to crack, a little foot play, and humping, Tayte soon tongue dives into Kane’s hole.

Taking on a semi-dominant role Tayte spit-lubes Kane and teases his hole but instead of fucking him he moves in front of him to make Kane suck his thick cock.

While Kane goes all-in on sucking him, Tayte reaches around to finger him and soon he flips over Kane to tongue his hole one more time.

Now sure he’s now ready, Tayte slowly slides his cock into Kane while lovingly giving him instructions to take it.

Tayte takes his time helping Kane get used to his cock before he starts fucking him harder and deeper and helps him reach the juncture of pain & pleasure.

Soon after reaching this point Tayte flips Kane on his back to lap at his hole and uses his fingers to expand his hole while continue to “teach” him.

Tayte also uses this time to give Kane oral pleasure, deep-sucking his cock and balls and eating his hole even more.

Tayte fucks Kane on his back, focusing even more on how he responds and kissing him to relax him even more.

In one more lesson, Tayte has Kane ride his cock and he raises the intensity by getting Kane to choke him…which Tayte reciprocates.

Finally, Tayte lies back to stroke out a big load and give a facial to Kane who soon shoots his own load all over himself.

Kane kisses Tayte, genuinely grateful to him for the memorable bottoming experience he craved.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Next Door Raw gay porn scenes of Kane Fox

Smooth young twink Trevor Harris and hottie stud Kane Fox’s big dick bareback ass fucking flip flop.

Get to know Kane and Trevor intimately before they have some passionate, fantastic raw dick gay sex.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Next Door Studios gay porn scenes of Kane Fox

Hardcore gay young dude threesome Jayden Marcos, Nico Coopa and Kane Fox big dick anal fuck orgy.

It’s moving day for Nico, and luckily for him, he’s hired Jayden and Kane to help him move.

However, it seems that boxes aren’t the only thing Jayden and Kane will be moving.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Horny track stars Scott Finn and Kane Fox’s big cock flip flop anal fucking.

Kane Fox and Scott Finn are two track stars from rival colleges.

When they end up running into each other after a meeting, things get heated between the two jocks.

But, is there more to their feud than they’re letting on? Or are they really just… rivals?

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Gay roomates anal fuck fest Jayden Marcos, Des Irez and Kane Fox big cock ass fucking As far back as any of them can remember, Jayden Marcos, Kane Fox, and Des Irez have shared living quarters together. However, when Kane receives a job offer that needs him to relocate across the nation within a week, the lives of everyone around him are thrown upside down. Des and Kane are seeing an increase in their tension, and Jayden is feeling pressure to reveal some of his own secrets. What the heck is going to take place with these three greatest bros? See all Jayden Marcos gay hardcore fuck sessions at Next Door Studios here. See all Des Irez gay hardcore fuck sessions at Next Door Studios here. See all Kane Fox gay hardcore fuck sessions at Next Door Studios here.Join them!

Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Kane Fox

Hardcore gay sex orgy Vincent OReilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier’s big dick ass fucking.

Assistant Kane Fox will do anything to make sure CEO Sean Xavier is satisfied, and that’s why, for this year’s Boss Appreciation Day, he’s enlisting the help of twunky project coordinators Vincent O’Reilly and Grant Ducati to help drain Sean’s nine inches.

Getting right down to business, the men immediately begin exchanging blowjobs with Kane then becoming the first bottom of the afternoon as he opens his hole for some bareback cock.

As Grant drills him, Sean gets a turn topping Vincent before taking charge of the foursome by rearranging his employees to maximize his personal pleasure.

All four versatile men constantly swap positions with each getting fucked and filled by some hot co-worker cock.

Truly feeling the appreciation from his subordinates, Sean then takes center-stage of the foursome to be pounded, ridden and covered in cum.

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Men gay porn scenes of Kane Fox

Sexy ripped stud Kane Fox’s bare ass fucked by Caleb Manning’s young thick dick.

Caleb Manning is looking to get laid, so he downloads a hookup app in the hopes of meeting a hot dude with a nice posterior.

He soon strikes up a conversation with a smoking-hot bottom, but when Kane Fox arrives, it is clear that he is a catfish.

Whatever, Kane is still smoking hot, and Caleb is so horny that he doesn’t give a damn about it.

Kane gets fucked while bent over the sofa as the other men are sucking each other, and then Kane rides the top.

After beating him up in missionary, Caleb shoots him in the face before sending him on his way. The bottom cums.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young twink Jake Preston’s huge young dick bare fucking Kane Fox’s bubble butt.

Jake Preston is having a sleepover at his buddy Dylan’s home, and as soon as he walks in the door, he is struck by how sexy Brogan, Dylan’s dad, looks. But Jake and Kane Fox, Jake’s boyfriend, are just there to hang out with their mutual friend and not to ogle the handsome bearded daddy… or are they?

Jake becomes aroused when Dylan and Kane are playing some Anal Cumbat, and he rubs the bottom’s ass before jacking off.

Meanwhile, Kane stealthily licks the top’s dick until Brogan finds them.

After turning off the lights, the twinks sit on the floor of the living room in the spoon position and attempt to be quiet as they fuck.

Kane rides the top before being hammered in doggystyle till he orgasms, then he gets fucked missionary and coated in Jake’s come!

After that, the men suck each other.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie big muscle dude Brogan’s huge dick barebacking Kane Fox’s smooth bubble butt.

Kane Fox isn’t the only one who wakes up many times during the night to urinate while at the sleepover party; he just happens to be the first one.

The moment he hears gorgeous bearded daddy Brogan approaching, he dashes into the bathroom to hide, all the while keeping a watchful eye out for his cock.

After Kane takes a fall, the top comes to his rescue and then gives him the hard doggystyle fuck he has been hankering for.

The bottom has Brogan rim his hole, and then they ride each other’s cocks.

Kane jacks off till he cums as he is pounded in missionary, and then Brogan shoots on his hole before the twink returns to the slumber party. Kane sucks the daddy before jerking off until he cums.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young twink Joey Mills’s bare ass hole fucked by ripped hottie Kane Fox’s huge dick.

Kane Fox is horny at the end of a long day of partying, but his boyfriend Cristiano claims that he is too exhausted for even a blowjob.

Kane’s fervent wishes are rewarded when twink Joey Mills peeks in, so he kneels by the side of the bed as Joey climbs below him and sucks him. Joey then kisses Kane.

When Kane’s boyfriend found out that Joey was hiding beneath the bed, he stormed away, which provided the eager twinks with an opportunity to get some relief.

Kane rims Joey, then fucks his mouth before they 69, and the top bends Joey over the edge of the bed to give him every inch of his dick. Joey then gives Kane every inch of his dick.

After Kane has fucked the bottom in missionary and spoon, Joey has an orgasmic experience as he is riding Kane, and then Kane pulls out of the move and cums on his hole.

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Young gay guy chain fuck Jake Preston, Kane Fox and Caleb Manning hardcore big dick fuck fest. A handsome instructor named Kane Fox has been hired by Jake Preston, who is more interested in Kane’s underwear than his academic abilities. Jake is blissfully unaware of Caleb Manning’s desire for the seductive tutor as he strokes Kane’s dick behind his boyfriend’s back. Kane is lured into the bedroom after Cale lures him under the table to worship his feet. When Jake arrives seeking for him, Kane has already rimmed the bottom and is going to fuck him. As soon as Caleb’s hole is prepared, Jake makes the decision to fuck it, and Kane emerges from hiding to board the twink train. When Jake is ready to top Kane before they cum, Kane fucks Caleb missionary while the other two enjoy getting rimmed and sucked. See all Jake Preston gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here. See all Kane Fox gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here. See all Caleb Manning gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here.Join them!
Men says: Gay orgy sex Joey Mills, Clark Reid, Jake Preston, Alpha Wolfe, Spikey Dee, Kane Fox, Greg Dixxon at Men Joey Mills, a horny bottom is blindfolded and escorted into his bukkake. He opens his eyes and six cocks of enormous size are waiting for him. Spikey Dee waited patiently for his turn while Joey sucked them. Then they kissed his face on the couch. Joey takes his place on the hard tops, and begins sucking them. He then fucks his face.

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