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Dato Foland is a dream come true. Originally from Madrid, Dato’s got a cute accent that’s especially hot when he’s fucking another one of our Spanish CockyBoys. One thing that never gets lost in translation though is Dato’s aggressive nature, he seems so sweet and charming when you first meet him, and then a second later he’ll casually tell you how much he’s looking forward to face-fucking you.

Dato definitely pulls off the rare feat of being both blunt and surprising, and if you couldn’t already tell, that characteristic is also present when he has sex. Dato’s a total top, loves having his uncut dick sucked, and generally prefers smaller guys with nice, plump asses he can work over.

But he’s also a very genuine, sensitive guy who takes care of himself, it’s no wonder that with his tan complexion, dark hair, muscular build, swath of chest hair, and those amazing green eyes that he’s also worked as a pin-up model, actor, and dancer.

Since Dato so effortlessly fits in around here (pun obviously intended), we’re proud he can can now add “CockyBoy” to his oeuvre.

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcized
Weight: 178 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Russian

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For starters we have blue-eyed, bad-boy Josh Milk who makes his Menatplay debut, and you’ve never seen him so slick and preppy, in his perfect white shirt, tie and blazer. But don’t let the smart exterior fool you for a second.

After all Milk hasn’t earned his fuck-boy reputation for nothing, and this week he gives up his smooth and oh so delicious hole to our Russian, muscle-stud Dato Foland. We could go on endlessly about how good Josh gets fucked but seriously just look at the expression on his face while Dato pounds him from behind.

But in the end its Josh who gets fed a delicious dose of Dato’s hot milk, shooting his heavy load straight into Josh’s open mouth and dripping down his chin, and all over his suit. Oh how we love a messy ending…Join them!

Dato Foland scenes at Cockyboys


Boomer Banks and Dato Foland have hooked up on cam before but they’re both tops so nobody knew who was fucking who. Turns out they decided to flip fuck for this scene so everybody gets a turn!

They start out kissing by the window as the afternoon light pours into the living room. Boomer takes the lead and pulls Dato’s pants off before sitting him back in the chair and diving on his cock. Now Boomer is known for his enormous uncut but Dato is no slouch. It’s amazing to hear Dato moan as his thick piece of meat slowly disappears inside Boomer’s mouth. Dato stands up and face fucks Boomer for a bit before getting on his knees to service Boomer’s own enormous schlong.

Boomer just watches as his cock disappears in his buddy’s mouth and Dato does an admirable job choking tha montser down. Looking up into Boomer’s eyes before moving the action to the day bed. Dato continues to suck Boomer’s cock while gently fingering his asshole and Boomer can only wiggle and moan with the pure pleasure this provides. He flips up on his knees and Dato devours his asshole. Slobbering all over his ass before driving his tongue deep inside his body. Boomer loves this and is helpless to do anything but moan.

But Dato has more on his mind so he hops up and aims his thick uncock cock at Boomer’s spit-lubed hole and drives it home with one solid pump. Boomer takes it like a champ and settles in for a first class fuck as Dato pounds his hole. The switch positions and Dato fucks Boomer on his back as the two make out and stare into each other’s eyes. These two are totally in tune with each other and their chemistry is magic!

Boomer tells Dato that he wants to be inside of him so they switch positions and Boomer aims his enormous fucking cock at Dato’s asshole. His cock is so big it takes a couple of tries to get it in but before you know it he’s pounding that ass for all he’s worth. Sliding his cock all the way out before driving it all the way back in to the balls. Dato is virtually screaming with pleasure from being filled by Boomer’s expert cock and he sits back and enjoys the ride. Looking up at Boomer with his steel blue eyes as Boomer pounds his ass like there’s no tomorrow.

Boomer changes positions and keeps fucking Dato from the side for a couple minutes then pulls out just in time to deliver a thick load of cum all over Dato’s rock hard cock and balls. The kiss one more time before Boomer lays back exhausted on the day bed. But Dato has business of his own to finish and he immediately strokes out his own thick load of cum. Gasping and grunting as that delicious mess paints his belly and leaves his gasping for air.

Boomer hasn’t forgotten his buddy and he kisses him sweetly on the lips before climbing on top for a bit more cuddling. These two studs know how exactly to satisfy each other and it shows…Join them!

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Scott Miller is a bottom with a problem: he’s on a mission to get fucked ASAP, but his hookup app is only showing him bottoms.

He asks his virtual assistant to find him a top, and once he slides the Butt Home into his hungry hole it sends handsome Dato Foland right over.

Scott pulls Dato inside and tastes the top’s big dick, and Dato pulls out Scott’s smart butt plug so he can tongue his ass before fucking the bottom doggy style.

Scott rides that good dick till he cums, and then Dato shoots his load all over Scott’s chest and abs. What bottom problem?…Join them!

When Isaac (Leander) met his fiance, Abe (Gabriel Cross), he knew this was the man he’d delete his dating app for.

But as his wedding approaches and his best friend, Kirk (Dato Foland), asks to fuck him just once, Isaac grabs at his last chance to sow some wild oats.

The friends with newfound benefits take turns sucking each other’s cocks and Kirk tongues Isaac’s hole before sliding his cock inside.

Then the groom-to-be gets the best of both worlds as they flip fuck, Isaac fucking Kirk in mish and doggy style before riding him till he cums.

But just as Isaac swallows Kirk’s load, Abe arrives and catches them in the act…Join them!


Nicolas Brooks and Dato Foland worship each other’s thick, throbbing cocks…Join them!


These three studs Dato Foland, Hector De Silva and Sunny Colucci aren’t afraid of open relationships. All three holes are spread open by thick dicks and thrusting hips as these muscle men service each other to a sweaty semen explosion…Join them!


Prepare for a jizz orgy with a healthy helping of delicious man meat. These hunks Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Hector De Silva and Johan Kane know how to get what they want and fill each other with dirty lustful pleasure…Join them!


It’s time for Dato Foland to use Johan Kane’s hole as his pleasure center as Paddy O’Brian works up a sweat…Join them!


Dato Foland takes Ken Summers as his fuck toy…Join them!


All it takes is one look on the streets to spark the fire between these two gorgeous guys. Dato Foland follows Massimo Piano back to his pad for immediate seduction. A passionate make-out session leads to mutual cock worshiping before Dato loosens Massimo with his tongue and meaty fingers.

He then shoves his 7.5” uncut shaft into the open hole, pumping Massimo full of pleasure before they flip positions. Massimo’s 7 incher feels right at home inside Dato…Join them!


Dato Foland and Hector de Silva take turns rimming and drilling each other’s holes…Join them!

Franky Fox and Dato Foland are excited and a little nervous to be part of an experiment where a screen will guide them in getting to know each other.

They introduce themselves, hesitating a little as they receive the instruction to take off their clothes, they must look at each other for one minute without speaking.

They are directed to the bed, where they begin by cuddling and caressing each other before they start sucking one another’s cocks and exploring each other’s holes with their tongues.

First Dato fucks Franky’s ass hole doggy style, then the burly Russian rides Franky’s cock reverse before returning his dick to Franky’s hole till the bearded Australian cums and Dato finishes with a facial.

Did both guys feel a connection? Watch and find out.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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