Joel Vargas

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7,4-inch dick / 19 cms
Height: 6′ / 183 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 183lbs
Sexual Positions: Top
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Czech

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Joel Vargas and Martin Dajnar are eager for a raw afternoon fuck. They kiss and suck on the couch. Joel rims Martin’s ass before plowing it bareback. With Martin bent over on the couch, Joel’s raw cock slides in and out from behind.

Joel sits down and Martin climbs on top, guiding Joel’s prick inside bareback. Joel hammers Martin hard from below as Martin’s cock bounces around. Martin lays back on the couch and Joel pushes his raw cock inside. With Martin’s left leg up and on Joel, we get a beautiful view of raw bareback fucking.

With Joel’s raw cock stroking deep inside his ass, Martin spews a gusher. Joel pulls out and drops his load onto Martin’s crack, then pushes his sticky cock back inside to seed him. They end kissing…Join them!

Sexy Joel Vargas and Andy West kiss intensely while feeling each other’s amazing bodies. Joel takes Andy’s shirt off and plays with a nipple. Andy gets on his knees and makes his way down to Joel’s cock. Andy sucks on Joel’s huge uncut cock and licks his balls.

Joel takes his turn on Andy’s cock by wrapping his lips around and sucking. They kiss before Joel sits on the couch and Andy climbs on top riding his raw cock bareback. Joel lays on the couch and Andy gets on top of him and fills his ass with cock.

They mix things up and Joel fucks Andy bareback missionary style, filling his hole perfectly with his raw cock. With Joel’s raw cock inside of him, Andy strokes and shoots his load all over his stomach. Andy get’s fucked raw again until Joel squirts his juice all over Andy’s ass cheeks.

Joel sticks his cock back inside Andy West bareback, seeding him. Joel Vargas gives Andy a sweet smack on his thigh. They both end up with a giggle…Join them!

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Submissive gay dudes always need to warm up a little bit before taking their partner’s cocks, and this is something that Joel Vargas knows very well.

His hands roam all over Edy Reed’s body, and they gently caress his soft, warm skin.

His hands glide across his shoulders, arms, stomach, but he pays special attention to the bottom’s chest and squeezes it as hard as he possibly can.

His hands eventually glide down to the submissive young man’s dick. He starts squeezing the shaft gently after sucking on Edy Reed’s nipples for a bit.

After some teasing, he immediately goes down and starts blowing his partner.

However, it doesn’t take Edy long before his cock hunger kicks in.

He gets Joel’s cock inside his mouth and starts stroking his own while his partner thrusts with pleasure.

Joel bends the bottom over, plays around with his butt hole, and finally starts pounding his sub from the back while caressing and smacking his butt cheeks every now and then.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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