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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Bareback That Hole gay porn scenes of Micah Martinez

The Covid virus has emptied bathhouses across the land, many are ghost towns so to get your regular sex top-up you have to make other arrangements.

Micah Martinez and FTM Trans Luke Hudson are looking to hook up so they head back to Micah’s apartment.

On the way home, Luke tells him that he has a pussy that really hits Micah’s buttons, turning him on.

Once they arrive Luke immediately rips his shorts off, followed by Micah’s shirt while they kiss.

Luke then pulls his underwear down so Micah can eat his pussy out.

Luke loves the feel of a wet tongue on his pussy lips, but now it’s his turn to show Micah what his mouth can do.

He has no problem swallowing every inch of juicy cock as Micah’s face fucks him.

Once Micah is nice and hard, Luke sits down on his dick and lets his pussy go to work. Micah is enjoying the ride but is ready to take control.

He bends Luke over and fucks him from behind before flipping him on his back and shooting his load all over Lukes used pussy.

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Noir Male gay porn scenes of Micah Martinez

Hot black muscle dude Micah Martinez kneels on the floor and sucks down hard on Cesar Xes’s huge thick Latin dick.

Cesar slaps his cock onto Micah’s waiting tongue.

WIth Micah braced with his bubble butt in Cesar’s face, Cesar gets his lips and tongue deep between Micah’s ass cheeks rimming his tight asshole.

Then with Cesar sat on the sofa, Micah hovers spreadeagled over his huge erect dick before sliding his hole down hard onto it.

Micah loves the feeling of Cesar’s manhood moving deep inside him, he can sense every inch in and out, making his dick super hard.

With Cesar in just his socks and sneakers, he pummels Micah’s hole.

They switch up positions with Micah on all fours and Cesar bare fucking him doggy style.

Micah cries out with every thrust of Cesar’s hard cock.

Cesar gets Micah on his back with his feet up in the air, power fucking his asshole until the ebony bottom stud is close to orgasm.

Micah is first to blow, spraying his hot cum all over his hairy chest with Cesar’s huge dick still deep inside him.

Cesar then can hold off no longer and pulls out before he shoots his load all over Micah’s bare ass before fucking his jizz back inside.

Both sexy studs then lie in a sweet embrace their horny mores subdued again for a time.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Fisting Inferno gay porn scenes of Micah Martinez

Hot college teacher Drew Dixon is a true professional, but very occasionally he succumbs to his animal instincts especially in the workplace.

Fully naked in the middle of his classroom, Drew squats down and swallows coworker Micah Martinez’s cock before turning him around to bareback his hairy hole.

Drew breaks into his secret stash of lube to stretch out Micah’s ass even more and give him a true hands-on learning experience.

Micah, now laying completely exposed on Drew’s desk, moans in delight as Drew’s fist and wrist disappear inside of his furry bubble butt.

Drew’s large hands continue to toy with Micah’s used hole until the gaping bottom’s entire body is twitching and his cock spewing a load of jizz all over his meaty thighs.

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Upon entering the gym locker room, muscle buddies Dominic Pacifico, Micah Martinez, and Ace Stallion immediately start up their own special workout session.

Dominic gets placed in the middle of the two jocks and is tasked with rimming Ace’s smooth hole while taking the entirety of Micah’s mega cock.

The bareback fucking quickly turns into a hardcore fisting session with Dominic leaning on the bench for support as the other two men destroy his gaping ass with their bare hands.

Once Dominic’s hole has been truly used, Ace turns his attention to Micah’s untouched ass while still fisting Dominic.

Wearing one asshole on each hand like a pair of gloves, Ace fists both men at the same time until they can’t take anymore and stand up to blow their fat loads all over Ace’s excited face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Club Inferno gay porn scenes of Micah Martinez

While Micah Martinez is tending bar at a sex club, Jack Hunter is patiently waiting for a friend to arrive.

When Wrex Wylde sits down for a drink, Jack realizes his ‘friend’ isn’t showing up and offers up his ass for Wrex to lick instead.

Now that Jack’s hole is ready, Micah feeds Jack his rod while Wrex works his fist in from behind.

As Wrex goes deeper, Micah’s cock slides further down Jack’s throat.

The two studs lay Jack back on the bar so Wrex can reach inside Jack’s hungry ass.

When Wrex seeks a fresh hole, he swaps out so that Micah can fist-fuck Jack while Wrex handballs Micah’s gape.

Now, all the focus turns to Micah as he gets his piggy hole stretched by Wrex until he pops a thick load all over the bar.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

For a little more privacy, Micah Martinez takes Wrex Wylde and Jack Hunter to the special backroom they use for private events.

Without hesitation, Wrex strips and bares down on a leather sawhorse.

Micah hits his knees and begins to open up Wrex’s ass with his hands while Wrex gags on Jack’s hefty cock.

It doesn’t take long for Micah to get both of his fists into Wrex’s sloppy hole.

Switching positions, Jack takes his turn fisting Wrex until he rosebuds while Micah jerks off the fist pig.

Eager to prove his holes abilities, Wrex lets both of his bar buddies fist him.

As soon as Wrex pops out another rosebud, Jack can’t help but shove his cock in Wrex’s prolapse.

Taking it to the max, Micah reaches in and strokes Jack’s cock.

While Wrex strokes his load out, Jack decides to drop his load in Wrex’s inside-out asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!