Tatum Parks

If you have been following this site for a while then you know I find sexy in all kinds of guys. Not too many bald guys on the site, but Tatum Parks oozes sexiness. I asked him to grow his hair out, and boy did he. He is a Beast.

His body hair comes and goes. I have seen photos of him with and without. He constantly battles his arm and back hair, but I had him promise to at least leave some of the chest hair, and of course the pubes stay. Hair or not, the guy has that certain ‘something’.

Tatum is way into fitness and diet, and he has the muscles to show for it. He actually said he has been slacking-off, and I showed him a picture of a model he may one day work with, and he looked like he was planning a new workout routine right then and there to get extra-ripped. I don’t know if there is some Bi in him, but he sure got motivated. And as he is now, WOW, I love his body, his face, and that dick.

He admits to being passive in bed, likes when the girls boss him around. He has messed around with one guy “once or twice” but it didn’t sound too involved. So I know he is very open-minded, and doing an oral video is a for sure thing. I can think of a few dudes that would love to boss him around too.

I know I pretty much ask the same questions, and many viewers kind of skip over the interview, but I enjoyed his interview as much as the solo. He has such a sweet demeanor, and then pow, he gets all sexual for us.

His cum shot is a workout, so he works up a total sweat. I love how he slows it down right at the last second, and then a huge glop of jizz flies out.

Hair Color: Bald
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 180lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Tatum Parks scenes at Chaos Men

I had been talking with Tatum Parks on FB and he was updating his feed with new body images. He is one hairy and fit beast. I had also just recently worked with Ronin so I knew just who he would look great with.

Tatum snuck in some kissing that he responded to with quite a bit of passion.

Another thing I loved about Ronin was he was just fine with Tatum’s big hairy body. He mentioned wrestling and he was already used to be up close and personal with a sweaty dude.

Which is a good thing. Tatum made it rain. Tatum apologized a couple times for raining sweat down on him as he rode Ronin’s cock.

Tatum was working that table and Ronin’s hard cock so much so that he was getting quite the workout in! More like yoga! He needed some hydration after this shoot.

Hope you enjoy these two big, beefy, furry guys…Join them!