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Richie West in his own words: I come from a very humble beginning. I am a small town boy with big dreams.

BSB comments: Richie is one of the kindest and most respectful models that we have had the pleasure of meeting. He is one of those guys that has yet to realize how much of a gift he is to the world around him.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.5 inch dick / 17 cms
Height: 6’1″ / 185 cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 145 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Tyler Slater takes good care of Richie West, giving that sweet pink cock and big balls lots of attention as he sucks and licks them. Richie makes sure to treat Tyler right too, bending him over and spreading that ass to lick and rim it.

Richie makes a mess of Tyler’s tight hole, drooling all over that perfect entrance before he fingers it. But Richie’s fingers can’t quite prepare Tyler for that big dick as he slowly pushes it inside of Tyler, filing him up.

Tyler lets out a moan as Richie fucks him from behind, but Tyler struggles to take that fat cock so they trade places. After Tyler eats Richie’s ass he shoves his rock hard dick in him and pounds him raw, pumping faster as Richie moans beneath him.

Tyler takes Richie doggy style, fucking him hard, his balls slapping against Richie’s taint as he dominates him from behind.

Pulling out, Tyler strokes out a huge load onto Richie’s lower back and then watches as Richie gets himself off, spraying his cum all over the sheets…Join them!

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Richie West welcomes his visitor with his cock, rubbing his smooth shaft against the visitor’s hard prick. The visitor wants more than just Richie’s dick against his, he wants to taste Richie’s sweet cock in his mouth and he kneels down to suck on it.

After treating Richie to some great oral, he stands up and lets Richie deep throat the fuck out of his rock hard prick. Richie runs his soft lips and wet tongue up and down the visitor’s shaft, letting him fuck his face before turning around to offer up that tight ass.

The visitor eagerly enters Richie’s hole, pushing that bareback dick into him and fucking him hard as Richie takes every inch of that long shaft. Richie’s cock stands at attention, dripping beads of precum as he gets fucked raw and deep by the visitor’s big dick.

Richie strokes his prick as he takes every inch of the visitor’s cock until Richie shoots his load onto the floor and the visitor pulls out and nuts across Richie’s smooth back…Join them!

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New model Richie West is back in Vegas after celebrating his twenty first birthday in sin city just a few months back. However, this time, Richie is being picked up at the airport by porn prince, Ashton Summers.

Ashton is immediately attracted to the raging hot, red head, and the guys get to swapping stories about coming out, Richie’s first boy crush, and of course preferred position. West shares that he just started topping last year, and is eager to keep at it.

Always one to lend a helping hole, Ashton invited the newbie back to his place, where clothes melt away in a sea of sultry kisses. Excited to break the boy in, Summers slips the gorgeous ginger’s jeans down, and wraps his pretty Puerto Rican lips around the dude’s dick.

After exercising his incredible deep throat skills, Summers receives some red hot reciprocation from Richie’s talented tongue. After throating the porn god’s girthy gift, the confident newbie slips his hips between Ashton’s legs, and plunges his pulsing piece balls deep into the dude’s dick hungry hole.

Ashton hikes his knees up to his shoulders for an even deeper drilling, as Richie amps up the smash speed, filling the room with heavy hitting, smash sounds. Anxious to see that ass, West starts to slide Summers’ sexy legs to the side, and in perfect sync, Ashton takes the hint, and arches that beautiful back, on all fours.

West dips his wick back in the boy’s bronze booty, and gets back to work tearin’ that ass Up! He hits it hard, using his sculpted, muscle ass to propel his pole deep into Ashton’s hole, making it hard for the Latin lover to hold his load.

The alabaster ass master can tell his bronze bottom is getting close, and amps up his slam speed, causing Ashton to bust, covering the bed with salty good seed. The raw, ramming red head quickly joins Summers’ seed party, aiming his oozy ammo at Ashton’s incredible ass.

His extra large load explodes up the small of Ashton’s back, but mostly all over those beautiful, bouncy cheeks. The white hot nut coats his caramel colored can, then drips down his smooth seat in long lanes of liquid lust.

A fucktastic first impression, Mr. West…Join them!

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Richie West was a newbie not too long ago, but now that he’s got some experience under his belt, he’s ready to train the other newcomers, including his scene partner today, Grey Donovan.

Leaning in for a kiss, Richie locks lips with Grey, kissing him nice and slow before getting naked and working down to Grey’s cock, taking it in his mouth and running his wet tongue slowly up and down that shaft.

When Richie’s worked Grey’s cock up, he lies back on the bed and lets Grey give him head, watching as Grey strokes that dick with his mouth as he looks to Richie for reassurance that he’s doing a good job sucking that prick.

But after a little more cock sucking, Grey is ready to feel Richie’s tight ass around his cock and he lies back and lets Richie sit on his prick, riding it raw and then getting up to try another position as he hands the power over to Grey.

Grey fucks Richie hard, filling him up with his long, firm, bareback member as Richie takes every inch and makes Grey cum with that tight little hole.

Grey pushes back into Richie’s ass and fucks him until he nuts on himself, shooting a huge load as Grey leans in to steal one quick kiss…Join them!

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Richie West is a little nervous about taking Ari Nucci’s huge cock, but he’s willing to give it a try as he tests the waters by wrapping his mouth around it. Sucking that dick, Richie deepthroats it as Ari watches him tackle his big prick, massaging his balls as he works that cock with his wet mouth.

Ari gets on top of Richie and swings his legs around so they can 69, both guys giving and receiving head until Ari’s big cock can’t possibly get any bigger and Richie sits on it.

Richie takes Ari’s full length up his tight ass, moving his hips against Ari’s as he rides him raw until Ari is ready to take charge, getting Richie on his back and pounding him hard and deep with that cock.

Richie moans as Ari buries himself balls deep in that ass, holding Richie’s legs up as he fills Richie with his throbbing member, slowing down for a minute so that Richie can feel every vein, every inch of that fat dick as it pushes and pulls in and out of him.

Ari fucks Richie bareback in every position he can get him in, feeling that tight ring of Richie’s ass squeezing around his cock as he drives it into him, faster and harder until he pulls out and shoots his seed onto Richie’s ass.

Richie lies back on the bed and takes himself in hand, working that dick until his own cum spills from his cock and he collapses on the bed to catch his breath…Join them!

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Landon Wells is back and looking sexier than ever, ready to help break in the new guy Richie West and ease his nerves.

Their kissing leads in to cock sucking as Richie drops to his knees in front of Landon and takes that dick in his mouth, slowly pulling it down his throat as he gives Landon head.

The oral that Landon gives back is a little different as he bends Richie against the wall and rims his sensitive hole, his tongue stroking against Richie’s sensitive entrance as he breaks to sucks Richie’s balls too.

Landon doesn’t neglect Richie’s cock either, turning him around to suck his cock before they climb onto the bed and Richie sits his tight little ass on Landon’s fat prick.

Richie can barely take Landon’s whole cock, but after a few tries, inch by inch, he impales himself fully on that big dick and grinds his hips against Landon’s, riding that cock while he strokes his own.

Landon wants it harder and faster so he gets Richie on his back, legs spread wide apart as Landon fucks him hard and raw, pounding that ass and making Richie moan as his ass get split apart by Landon’s hard shaft.

Richie gets a break as Landon pauses his vicious assault on that ass to fuck him nice and slow, making out as he’s buried inside Richie’s ass, and then pulling him to the edge of the bed to fuck him hard and deep.

Landon pulls out to bust across Richie’s face, covering him in cum, and then helps him reach his own orgasm, stroking out a huge load into Landon’s hungry mouth…Join them!

Richie West and Sky Clesi start off slowly making out kissing passionately with their tongues on the bed.

They quickly lose their clothes as Richie sucks down hard on Sky’s big young dick caressing his big cock head with his moist lips.

Sky’s soft cock gets erect on Richie’s tongue, Sky returns the favor sucking Richie’s hot dick.

On his knees, Sky sucks Richie’s big prick as Richie lies back and opens his ass to Sky and begs for him to finger his fucking hole as he sucks on him.

Sky fills Richie’s ass with his finger before filling it with his cock next, pushing his bareback dick into Richie’s hole and fucking him from behind as Richie takes every inch.

Leaning forward, Sky places a few kisses on Richie’s lips as he pounds him from behind, keeping his pace steady as he drives his member in and out of Richie’s tight little ass.

As he gives it to him harder and faster, Sky can’t take the pleasure any longer and pulls out to nut, shooting his load and then helping Richie to finish himself off next as he covers the sheets in cum.

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Chance climbs up Brayden’s long, tall body like Jack climbing a beanstalk. At the top, he greets the handsome cis man with a passionate kiss. Their size difference only adds to their chemistry, but face to face, they embrace each other with a shared longing and intimacy.

Brayden and Chance throw off their clothes and give each other a look at their beautiful, unique bodies. Chance is tattooed from head to toe while Brayden’s larger frame is practically unmarked. Brayden’s big cock hangs low between his legs while Chance’s throbbing, swollen dick is perfectly flanked by his hot, wet pussy.

Brayden gets on all fours, lowering himself down to Chance’s loins to savor his partner’s sexy cock. Chance lifts his pelvis upward, serving up his hard cock and wet hole like a meal for Brayden to devour. The tattooed man looks down in delight as his partner worships his body, all the while thinking of taking his massive meat in his mouth in return.

When Brayden leans back to offer up his giant tool, Chance stretches his throat open to take it all down deep. Brayden’s nuts are heavy beneath his shaft, serving as a goal post for Chance to reach as he attempts to swallow him completely. It’s not an easy task. Brayden is especially hung and girthy, giving Chance a lot to handle as he satisfies his oral fixation.

Brayden can only last so long before he needs to fuck. Chance gets on top of him and rides him hard, feeling his hole stretch out to take every thick inch of his partner. Chance is no stranger to a powerful, deep dicking, but the way his pussy opens to swallow up Brayden is truly exceptional. Brayden is amazed by how well Chance can take him, enjoying every passionate thrust into his loins.

It’s not long before Chance’s pussy milk Brayden’s load, draining his nuts out through his enormous cock and into his partner’s hungry hole. Chance is eager to take every drop, tightening his muscles to keep it in place as long as possible.

But Brayden’s meat has opened him up so much that a few drops find their way out, glazing over Chance’s pussy in a final, beautiful creampie.

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Richie West had been waiting for over an hour for his daddy to finish the day. He walked by the nurses and staff who all waved at him as they left for the day. They knew him well as Dr. Legrand Wolf’s boy, but he didn’t know them at all. He smiled politely and wished them a good weekend as he blushed at their attention.

As soon as he walked through the back door and into the office, he felt a relief come over him that he was no longer on display. He didn’t really like having eyes on him beyond those of his old man. He felt safe and protected with him and free of any judgment or assumption.

When he went into Dr. Wolf’s office, he saw the empty room with charts on the walls and equipment tucked away, clean and sanitized from all the previous people who’d come through all day. The medical table was open and seemingly waiting, inviting Richie to take a seat.

Richie hopped up on top, feeling the cool leather finish against his jeans. It was familiar and comforting, even though he had never sat inside.

He looked around for something to kill time, but what stole his focus more than anything was the beautifully detailed anatomy drawings on the wall. The muscular figure displayed an impressive butt and back, as well as a fully developed chest and abs.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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My dad (Legrand Wolf) has been so good to me (Richie West.) I couldn’t be luckier having him as both the head of my troop and my father.

The other scouts have noticed how close we are. Of course, they accuse me of brown-nosing and they make all sorts of wisecracks, saying I’m a daddy’s boy and the like. But I don’t care. They’re just jealous. And, frankly, if they knew the real truth they’d probably be too shocked to make jokes about it!

I was very excited when he thought it was time I took the pledge of honor to the elite scouts. It’s an important form of recognition and it felt kinda cool and validating that he wanted to perform the ceremony. I felt like I was making him really proud.

I was a little confused when he called me into his office to do it….

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!