Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Luc Dean gay porn scenes at Bentley Race

I’m pretty excited this week to be having my handsome mate Luc Dean back after a 2 year absence. Luc moved interstate a couple of years ago so we don’t get together as much now. So when I heard he was coming to town I suggested a shoot.

Luc right away picked out cute mate Andy to shoot with. Andy is a big fave amongst our mates. He’s a lot of fun to hang out and shoot with. He’s also an insatiable bottom boy. The guys got along really well in this shoot.

From the moment they started to put on some sports kit for the shoot they were flirting with each other. The photo shoot went very well and we got some great shots. But it’s the video you have to see.

Luc really pounds Andy in this one, and he loves getting filled up with Luc’s cum. It’s one of the most passionate shoots I have shot this summer. I’m hoping Luc and Andy will join us again soon…Join them!

One of the hottest pair ups on Bentley Race this year is going to be the partnering of my hot mates Luc Dean and Sam Sivahn. I never know how the guys are going to get along when I put them together for the first time.

Both Luc and Sam are really sweet guys and I knew they would have fun doing this. So we all met up in the studio for a photoshoot and video session. The guys were having fun stripping each other naked. Luc was undressing Sam like he was some kind of present.

The hot fun doesn’t stop as the guys move to the bed and Sam pulls out Luc’s cock. But we all know that this is just the foreplay to making the video. Once I start recording Luc and Sam are stripping off much faster this time. Sam is about to get fucked really hard by his new mate.

Even Luc is surprised toward the end of the scene when Sam asks him to fuck him again. This boy has got a lot of stamina! This is Sam’s third sex session at BR, and I have lost count of Luc’s sessions over the past year.

I am looking forward to shooting a lot more with them and my other mates this year…Join them!

My sexy mate Luc Dean recently brought his cute mate Rory Delroy around to meet me. We were going to take photos of Rory and have him do his first shoot. The shoot became a lot more interesting when Luc started getting in on the act.

These guys couldn’t keep there hands off each other. Once Rory’s solo photo shoot was out of the way Luc jumped on the couch jumped on the couch and started kissing and stripping Rory again. The cute 22 year old Aussie boy didn’t mind the attention at all.

There’s lots of kissing and cock sucking as the boys strip naked. Rory has got such a nice little bum. Luc gives me a peek reveal as I click away. The action between Luc and Rory is very hot during the photoshoot. When I realise the sex is going a lot further I grab the video camera just in time to catch Luc pushing his raw cock deep inside Rory.

He’s riding Luc on the couch until Luc picks him up and pushes him back down so he’s riding on top. Then Luc doesn’t stop pounding his bum until he delivers a load of cum inside Rory. Then he helps his cute mate blow his load.

This is Rory’s first ever porn shoot. I’m really glad he came along with his more experienced porn mate Luc. Their video is very hot and I can’t wait to see them doing more wild scenes together…Join them!

I have shot some really hot scenes over this Australian summer, and I didn’t even have to think about hooking up my mates Romain Deville and Luc Dean. I knew for a long time that I wanted to get these guys together. So as soon as Romain returned from Sydney I got the guys together on this hot day out on my roof.

The guys were all over each other as we climbed the stairs to the top of my building. I managed to get loads of photos as the guys made out and stripped each other naked on the roof. It was getting pretty dam hot out there as the guys poured water over each others naked bodies.

I suggested we head back to the cool studio where we could film the rest of their first nude meeting. Romain is a pretty rough fucker so I’m not sure Luc knew what was about to happen. The fucking in this scene is fierce from our hung daddy Romain.

Luc cops it from all angles as Romain can’t get enough of riding Luc’s pretty white bum. It all ended in a sweaty mess as Luc licks up Romain’s reaming cum. What a perfect way to spend one of the last days of summer in Australia…Join them!

One of the most fun shoots so far this summer is the match up of Aussie boy Luc Dean with our French mate Val Defarge. The guys had already been planning what they were going to do in this shoot well before the day we all met up.

What they didn’t know was that the shoot was going to start out on my rooftop. They were so excited when we all met up and headed out to the roof. And things went a little more wild than I had expected. Luc and Val were so dam horny.

As soon as they started kissing, they had hands all over each other. I had to keep stopping them so I could get the photos. These are some of the hottest shots I’ve taken on the roof. Afterwards we headed back to the studio where I could film the guys stripping off and fucking.

The sex session left my two sexy mates in a big sweaty mess. I couldn’t have predicted that this match up was going to go so well. I am already planning their next shoot…Join them!

There are so many new guys waiting to get in front of the camera. And now that summer has arrived I have really ramped up shooting here in Australia. I’m really excited to introduce you today to my beautiful new mate Luc Dean.

25 year old Luc from Queensland was visiting me last week for the first time. We had been chatting online for a long time about getting together. Luc had already done some shoots for some other photographers around Australia. I thought he was pretty cute in his pics and couldn’t wait to meet him.

And it turns out he’s a really nice guy as well as being very sexy. Queensland guys are always so laid back and ready to have some fun. We quickly took of to the studio to photograph and film our new mate stripping and getting off.

I particularly enjoyed watching Luc fuck that fleshlight wedged in to my couch. Then I laid on the floor just in time to catch him cumming above me. What a nice way to finish our first meeting. Luc is very keen to get in to a lot more shoots with us this summer.

I suspect we’ll be seeing him pop up more often on BR in the coming months…Join him!

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