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Zac DeHaan looks older and more masculine than his actual 21 years. He is a student from Budapest who got a contract for 20 scenes which are already mostly filmed. We are a little hesitant to renew as he doesn’t want to bottom. By now I think part of his appeal is his easy smile, big dick and great body although I know that his performances can be fairly uneven depending on his mood. Even if we don’t end up reaching agreement on his bottoming you will see in the next few years some great material with him.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick / 19cms
Height: 6’1″ / 186cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 198lbs / 90kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Hungarian

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If there was ever an episode that could lay legitimate claim to the ‘Jock Love’ title, then this has to be it. Both guys Zac DeHaan and Andrei Karenin are quintessential jocks, spending much of their free time working out or playing sports. Today they are in front of the camera for a little romantic rough and tumble. After a rigorous fuck, a pair of explosive cumshots finishes off the boy’s pre-breakfast workout here…Join them!

Marc Ruffalo has finally had an amazing revelation: He loves big cocks, and he no longer is buying into his old mantra of ‘size doesn’t matter’.

For him now, it certainly matters and the bigger the better.

We start off by pairing Marc with Zac DeHaan, who has a nice thick cock, but when that is not enough to satisfy him we add another guy who just happens to love getting fucked by big dicks, Brian Jovovich into the mix as well.

Three Jocks, Three big cocks. How could it get any better?…Join them!

Our two blondes, Zac Dehaan and Christian Lundgren, have been on the set for a couple of days by this time and somehow managed to miss out on the action, so they decide to take things into their own hand.

Everywhere they look there are already couple and groups fucking, so they end up settling for the first private spot they can find, an empty bed in the barn.

After reading your comments about Christian in the forum and for his scenes, we see that he has developed quite a following.

His intense but reserved sensuality really comes to the fore when he is getting a good fucking, as he does from Zac today…Join them!

After a lot of planning, poor Julien Hussey misses his tram and almost misses out on all the action. Luckily for him, Zac Dehaan and Kris Evans decide that they can get by with a lot of sucking and rimming while waiting for their tardy friend to arrive.

Once he gets there he sets about making up for lost time, by planting himself firmly between Kris and Zac and taking turns sucking them until they both shoot all over his face…Join them!

Zac Dehaan is one of Belami’s fan favorites. The sexy Hungarian with his smooth skin, muscular body, bubble butt, big dick and cute face has seduced many of us. He is a perfect power top, being one of very few Belami model’s who has never bottomed. His best photo shoot ever…Join him!

Did you ever have the feeling that you were the one left out while all the others were having fun? It seems that Jason Clark was feeling that way in this clip as he wistfully watches Zac Dehaan and Arne Coen fooling around in the pool below him.

Luckily there seems to be a special bond between out Hungarian models, and the horny pair don’t leave him alone for too long. When they find him alone and jerking off they are more than happy to lend him a hand… and both of their dicks… After being fucked by both of these boys, Jason seems to be very satisfied…Join them!

Sexy young ripped blonde boys Brian Jovovich and Zac DeHaan strip out of their clothes and stand together in their well packed Addicted underwear.

They pose naked for Marty the cameraman, Zac hands spread Brian’s ass cheeks wide so we can see Brian’s smooth pink hole.

Zac is lying on the bed with Brian in, cowboy position with his hot hole hovering above Zac’s big already erect uncut dick.

Brian wanks his own uncut cock and leans across and jerks Zac’s thicker uncut dick too.

Brian then sucks Zac’s hard thick uncut cock deep to the back of this throat in long smooth in and out movements until Zac’s balls are on his lips.

The sexy boys lie side by side each jerking their big dicks, Brian shoots first spraying creamy jizz all over his tanned abs the sight of which sends Zac over the edge shooting his load all over himself.

Both boys end up in a sticky cum mess.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

As Zac DeHaan is in the shower getting cleaned up we see his big soft uncut cock hanging between his legs.

Zac returns to the bedroom where Jerome Exupery is lying on the bed, Jerome smiles and invites him to join him.

As Zac lies down flat on the bed, Jerome wanks Zac’s dick until it is rock hard before getting his tongue in deep around his foreskin then swallowing it to the back of his throat.

Expert cock sucker Jerome’s tongue and lips massage the full length of his erection really working his pink cockhead and making Zac moan with pleasure.

Then with Jerome standing, Zac sits on the edge of the bed and blows Jerome’s huge cock till it is a raging hard-on.

Zac plays with his own dick, wanking it hard, whilst blowing Jerome.

Then Zac pushes Jerome back down onto the bed and forces his huge erect dick between Jerome’s smooth ass cheeks finding his hot hole.

Zac pummels Jerome’s tight asshole in long strong strokes all the way in until he is balls deep and pulling out until his cockhead is just about still inside.

Jerome loves the feeling of Zac’s thick uncut cock moving deep inside his asshole and he moans loudly with each hard pump.

With Jerome’s legs above his head, Zac power fucks his bubble butt as Jerome jerks his dick hard.

Zac continues his ass fucking until Jerome can hold off no longer, he wanks his cock a few more times before he blows his load all over his abs.

With Zac still deep in his ass, Jerome clinches his ass muscles hard gripping Zac’s dick like a vice and forcing him to orgasm, he pulls out spraying jizz all over Jerome’s hot bubble ass.

Zac then fucks his cum back inside Jerome’s asshole before the sexy guys kiss and embrace.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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