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Marcel Gassion is a peculiar case. Although he wasn’t a professional when he came to us, he was Marcel was essentially boxing professionally. This comes with obvious tooth issues. I’ve been itching to take him to the dentist for some time, but things are often somewhat more complicated than they appear at first blush.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.5 inch dick (16.5cms)
Height: 5’9″ (181cms)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 172lbs (78cms)
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marcel drifted into our office wounded, abandoned and feeling unloved, on the verge of tears. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend.

It was immediately clear that we’d be able to shoot with Marcel, so I asked him, “What can we do with you?”

Leveling his forlorn gaze at me, he responded, “Do what you will!” “Don’t say that twice, “ I told him, “because you might just end up with a cock up your ass.” “I don’t care,” he murmured, “I’ll try anything you throw at me.”

And that’s exactly what followed. I should probably also note that we went through a tough period with Marcel. Emotionally, he was all over the place and it took us a long time until we managed to calm him down and put him back together.

Things have now settled down and he’s blossomed into a first-rate model and an asset to Bel Ami. I think he’ll turn out to be a good Top as well. He’s the type of model that’s unwaveringly reliable, like a Swatch.

He has this internal sense of military precision. Maybe this is because his father is a professional soldier. From what Marcel has told me about his father, I have a feeling he’s the kind of ‘army dad’ you find in the film American Beauty.

With Marcel I see great potential within Bel Ami, even beyond his career as a model. He’s trustworthy and a boy of multi-faceted talents.

Another notable change, since we started shooting with Marcel, is that he discovered he kind of likes it up the ass. Now he’s pondering whether he may not be as singularly heterosexual as he initially thought!

I’m convinced that he enjoys each shoot

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Marcel Gassion

Although we hope you enjoy part 1 of this 2 day special, it was obviously not enough for Marcel Gassion, who viewed the frenetic fucking as just a starter before the main course, so today he has decided to invite Enrique Vera over to see if he has the power to satisfy Marcel’s ass.

I think if we kept offering more guys into the mix, Marcel would have been the happiest guy around.

As it is we get to see him in action also as a top today as he gets to fuck Kieran Benning before Enrique Vera gives Marcel’s ass the attention it so desires. Also with Peter Annaud.Join them!

Today is a masterclass in bottoming being presented by the one and only, ‘bottomless bottom’, Marcel Gassion.

This is his first encounter with Kieran Benning, and as Marcel tells him ‘God has given you a great violin for a dick, and I will teach you how to play it’.

As one dick is never enough for Marcel, we thought that we would throw Peter Annaud into the mix as well and see if they are both enough to satisfy Marcel.

There is probably no need to tell you that the fucking is fucking fantastic here, as it always is when we have Marcel around.

This time I think that he really outdoes himself as the pace goes from frantic to frenetic and finishes with ecstatic as our 2 big dicked tops bring Marcel to anal heaven…Join them!

We all know Marcel Gassion as one of the all-time great bottoms, but today he wants to show us that he can also be a great top. Of course we didn’t want to make it easy for him, and by giving him 2 of the biggest dicks at BelAmi (Peter Annaud and Jack Harrer) to play with he almost gave up his topping aspirations and let them both fuck him today.

Luckily for us, Jack has his mind on the job and gently reminds him that today it’s his dick that they want, and not his hole. While there is no fucking for Jack today, I’m sure that it will be remedies in part 2 out soon…Join them!

When Marcel Gassion has a scene scheduled it seems the only thing that is important enough to him is if his partner has a big enough dick. Today he insists on meeting Bjorn Nykvist at the train station to ‘check out his ticket’ before he can jump on for the ride.

We always thought it was just about the feeling of a big dick in his ass, but it seems that it applies even if Marcel is going to top.

While we know that you all enjoy seeing Marcel, our ‘Kink of Bottoms’ getting fucked by everyone (don’t worry, you get that here as well), but we hope you will enjoy this rare outing as a top just as much….Join them!

For some time now it has been easier to count the number of boys that have not fucked Marcel Gassion, than the number who have. Today the task gets a little bit easier as Marcel adds Jim Durden to his list of conquests.

Given that Jim is still fairly new and inexperienced, Marcel takes the opportunity to take charge of the situation to make sure that he gets everything that he wants from Jim for as long as he can…Join them!

Helmut Huxley, as the center of attention in this group flip fuck. This two part scene, which started yesterday, begins with Helmut getting the chance to top 3 of our most stunning boys: Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, and power bottom Marcel Gassion.

Helmut is noticeably having the time of his life taking on these three Belami studs at once. In Part Two, which goes live tomorrow (Saturday) we see Jeff, Roald and Marcel get the chance to have a turn at Helmets beautiful ass.

These very talented bottoms show that they can give it just as hard as they take it. The chemistry between all 4 guys is palpable and the action itself is first class throughout.

This is an instantly classic Belami fourgy that should not be missed…Join them!

Sometimes it is nice to swap things up a bit and move out of the bedroom. Orri Aasen and Marcel Gassion today take it all the way and do their best to steam up the kitchen completely.

We all know Marcel as a very talented bottom, but in today’s flip flop scene he shows that he knows how to use his dick as a top as well.

Please don’t ask why the boys had a fridge full of dildos…. Some things in life are destined to forever remain a mystery…Join them!

Running our production schedule can be a very challenging activity at times as there always seems to some mini crisis to deal with. Today it was Jose Raoul’s original scene partner took ill and couldn’t make the shoot. Luckily we have a big enough team of guys that we can normally call up a reserve guy to fill in. Today Raoul seems a little reluctant to accept any substitutions until he gets his first look at Marcel, and he quickly decided that his alternate bottom (or alt bottom for American friends) is Marcel Gassion. The scene is filmed in our Prague studio by Luke Hamill. Of course it needs no mention that Raoul is our Freshmen here that we would like your feedback on…Join them!

We have all heard of Marcel Gassion’s goal of taking as many of the biggest dicks he can find, and now he gets to double his rate, taking both Rhys Jagger and Hoyt Kogan at the same time. We do have a few boys at the moment capable of being double fucked, as you will see over the upcoming season, but there is no doubt that Marcel is the most eager of them all…Join them!

When two of Belami superstars are paired together they do what they do best: Giving each other (and us) loads of pleasure. Marcel Gassion and Jean-Daniel Chagall like their sex anywhere from mild to wild, but for today’s stand out performance they have chose sexy and sensual. BelAmi love making at it’s best…Join them!

Today we see the results of Bruce Querelle’s training in his very first scene, we had to check that this was true.

Kevin was right Bruce passed through his basic training very swiftly.

His casting took place just one week prior to this movie.

We chose talented bottom boy Marcel Gassion as his very first video partner, taking a bit of a risk.

However, Marcel being an active bottom boy he can be quite dominant and bossy and this can be quite off-putting for a newbie top guy.

Anyway, you can see how the scene turned out. We think both boys rose to the challenge and offered up a wonderful barebacking ass fuck by two very sexy young men.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy big muscle boys Matt Thurman and Marcel Gassion are in the kitchen fixing a healthy breakfast.

Marcel is feeling horny this morning and he feels Marcel’s hot body revealing his tight sexy white underwear and lifting his t-camo shirt just a little to reveal his six-pack abs.

The guys make out, kissing passionately with Matt planting sweet kisses all over Marcel’s rippling body.

As he hits the floor, Marcel on his knees sucks down hard on Matt’s huge thick uncut dick, swallowing it whole from tip to balls.

Marcel carries Matt over to the bedroom and places him gently onto the bed.

With his tight red undies exposing his tight bubble butt Marcel and Matt, kiss again enjoying each other’s lips.

Now it is Matt’s turn to blow Marcel, as Marcel shoves his hard erection deep into Matt’s willing mouth.

Matt pushes Marcel down onto the bed and runs the tip of his tongue up and down Marcel’s ass crack until he finds his hot hole.

He then rims Marcel’s hot asshole deeply making it wet and ready for his hard long cock.

Matt then wanks Marcel’s dick and fingers his hole making him moan with pleasure.

Then Marcel backs his ass up as Matt forces his hard cock deep into Marcel’s lubed bubble ass in long strong pumps.

Matt then pumps his slick dick in slow rhythmic strokes until his balls are slapping against Marcel’s ass cheeks.

Now with reverse cowboy position, Marcel hovers above Matt’s huge cock and grinds his ass down onto it feeling every inch moving inside him.

Marcel’s ass muscles grip Matt’s erection and the sensation quickly brings Matt to orgasm and he holds off briefly before spraying his cum load all over Marcel’s ass before fucking his jizz back inside Marcel’s freshly fucked ass.

He is followed shortly by Marcel who blows a huge orgasmic fountain all over his hot abs.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young muscular hottie Ariel Vanean and bearded hunk Marcel Gassion are sat on the sofa in a deep conversation.

Ariel has just mentioned that he wants a hot flip-flop anal session together with Marcel.

Power bottom Marcel isn’t phased as he’s always had secret designs on topping Belami’s super top Ariel.

Marcel quickly takes control, gaining the upper hand and forcing Ariel to kiss him passionately as they strip off their clothes.

Then starting at Ariel’s low hanging balls, Marcel runs his tongue up Ariel’s rock-hard dick and further over his six-pack rippling abs all the way to his sweet lips.

Marcel takes Ariel’s big uncut cock in his hand and pulls back the foreskin smothering his huge mushroom cockhead with his wet tongue.

Deep throating the monster-cock all the way to Ariel’s balls choking as it hits home.

Ariel moans as Marcel expertly blows his throbbing dick. Ariel then takes control face fucking Marcel, forcing his huge erection between his moist lips.

Marcel then sticks his bubble butt in Ariel’s face and grabs both ass cheeks and rims his hot hole opening him up for his hard cock.

But it is Ariel who is forced to bend over as Marcel slaps his massive thick dick against Ariel’s hot muscular ass.

Marcel then rims Ariel before Ariel decides he wants to top Marcel and he presses home his huge raw cock making Marcel breathe deeply as he takes a pummeling from the rear.

They then switch places and Marcel rams his hung meaty dick all the way into Ariel’s bare asshole with a force that Ariel is not expecting.

Ariel is soon gasping for air as Marcel power fucks the hell out of him until he orgasms blowing a huge spurt of jizz all over himself when Marcel pulls out coating Ariel’s ass and balls with his huge cum load.

The two reach in and end with a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Marcel Gassion and Ariel Vanean return again this week in this hot 2nd part to their flip flop anal fuck fest.

We were a little sneaky earlier in the week when we didn’t tell you that our update was the first part of a flip-flop special, but then most of you should have guessed that Marcel would not leave the house without his hot bubble butt being attended to just as well as his big uncut dick.

He starts off playing a little hard to get, but wiley Ariel knows all the right buttons to push to get his way, and Marcel is always a sucker for some good rimming.

While we know that we can never go wrong with a Marcel bottoming scene, his topping performance was so good that we are not sure which part of this update was better.

Whichever way you decide there is no denying that both these guys love sex, and love it, even more, when the sex is fun as well.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Horny bottom boy Marcel Gassion’s smooth bubble butt raw fucked by Andrei Karenin’s huge erect dick.

If there is one thing to be learned from this clip, it is ‘don’t cross Marcel’ or you are going to have to pay in one way or the other.

Andrei and Marcel have decided that they would like to try living together and see how it goes, but, as always, it is very hard to keep Andrei on the straight and narrow and he tends to stray quite often.

For all Marcel’s protestations, he really doesn’t mind that much, as long as Andrei fulfills his marital obligations and keeps Marcel and his ass satisfied, we are sure things will work out well for the two of them.

Today’s clip is a perfect example of why Marcel chose Andrei.

He may not have the biggest dick around, but he sure knows how to use it to keep his partner happy.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young stud Joel Birkin’s huge uncut cock raw fucking Marcel Gassion’s smooth bubble butt.

It is kind of inevitable that Joel and Marcel are going to hook up more than once during their time with us.

It’s already happened twice before, so this will be the third time the greedy bottom Marcel has put out for XXL Joel.

Today’s offering is a combination of home video and gonzo shoot and Joel hopes that you will enjoy the more natural feel of the scene.

Joel is pretty adamant at the beginning of the clip that he wants to find something ‘nasty’ and we are pretty sure that by the end he is very satisfied.

Marcel’s performances always increase in horniness in direct correlation with the size of the cock in his ass. Want to see more hot stuff from Joel Birkin at Freshmen here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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