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We have 2 sets of shoots with Jordan Faris. The first period started a couple years back when we shot with him extensively but then he decided to try and open his own café… Business then meant that he was unavailable a lot of the time, but now he is back in the fold and filming full speed again. He is smiley, good natured and will become part of the new Kinky Angels (Freshmen) team.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick (18cms)
Height: 5’6″ (172cms)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 150lbs (68kgs)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Jordan Faris

This is the final day in our Freshmen month on BelAmiOnline and we decided to schedule this special scene with Kevin Warhol and Jordan Faris. We join our barefoot beauties on the beach in Cape Town as they take a romantic (if somewhat risky) walk around on the rocks to enjoy one of the most stunning views available.

Both guys can always be relied on to give their best in any scene, and the attraction and chemistry between them here is palpable. After watching this scene there can be no doubt why Kevin is the favorite performer for so many people, and also why Jordan is quickly expanding his fan base as well…Join them!

We’ve recently introduced you to a bunch of new fresh young men which has left our avid viewers wanting to see some of their all-time favorite Freshmen.

Listening to your desires we’ve asked our cameraman Adam Archuleta to film a scene with Jordan Faris, although he’s finding it hard to arrange a scene partner.

Not to worry as Adam uses his position behind the camera to persuade boys to his bed.

This time he is facing some difficulties with Jordan, who is not taken with job titles or work positions.

Adam instead relies on his boyish charms, good looks, and big cock to entice Jordan to break his initial resistance.

In reality, Jordan wants to be fucked by Adam, he is after all one of the most sought after sex partners here are Freshmen towers.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Jordan Faris

For a little variety, we have chosen a night scene today to feature the popular HUNGarian, Nino Valens.

Jordan Faris is his partner on this occasion. As is typical with our night scenes, we have no introduction here, and as the boys share no common language, all communication is non-verbal.

Both boys are equally well-endowed and versatile, but it is Jordan who takes the active position for this scene and has the enviable task of spending a romantic evening with Nino.

To make sure that we all get enough Nino, he will be back again as our model of the week next week…Join them!

For Aldo Belucci, mornings can be the horniest time of the day. Waking up with a raging hard on and finding out that Jordan Faris’ beautiful butt is just there for him to stick his hard cock into is a godsend. Jordan also enjoys being woken up this way, so much more fun than an alarm clock…Join them!

When filming in Cape Town we tend to return to the same places each year where the owners know us and are happy for us to film in their beautiful houses.

That means some of the locations become very familiar to us as viewers, but still manage to surprise and inspire the boys, who are often seeing them for the very first time.

Today we join Justin and Jordan as they prepare to head down to the beach to catch some sun and have some fun, but get a bit distracted while having a shower beforehand.

We think it was fairly inevitable though when you put a boy with an ass as beautiful as Justin Saradon’s naked in a shower with a boy with a cock as delicious as Jordan Faris’.

Luckily the days are long in South Africa and there is still plenty of beach time left after a passionate round of love making, although we suspect that their energy was all used up fucking and they spent their time only improving their tans…Join them!

There is something a little bit different about Ariel Vanean in this scene, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, September this year marks a very special anniversary for Ariel as well. It will be 10 years since he walked into our studio for his casting.

Despite his youthful appearance, it also makes him one of the oldest of our active models. Today we have him paired up with Jordan Faris, who despite not being a newcomer himself, still can probably learn a lot from Ariel…Join them!

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Our young dudes are pretty much horny all of the time as young men are. But when they visit Cape Town the intensity of the sex seems to jump to a higher level.

Today we step into a dream threesome with handsome young hunks Jordan Faris, Bobby Noiret, and Justin Saradon. They start running across the windswept beaches with no cares in the world.

All their thoughts are on the hot sex they are going to have during the trip down south.

Justin starts off today’s sexy action as soon as the boys get back home. Now we can understand why he was in such a hurry to get Bobby and Jordan into his bed.

The love-making is a tag-team of action with both guys taking turns to satisfy Justin’s craving for cock.

Right after shooting his load, he is rewarded with a huge and creamy mouthful of Bobby’s cum followed by an equally huge load from Jordan all over his ass. Luckily Bobby was there to lick it clean for him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Scott Bennet and Jordan Faris are feeling horny and kiss passionately while Scott feels Jordan’s hot ass through his sexy jockstrap.

Scott licks and caresses Jordan’s nipples and slowly moves his lips down to his big soft dick which gets fully erect in his young mouth.

Jordan returns the favor sucking down hard on Scott’s huge uncut dick.

With Jordan sat in a chair with his legs up in the air, Scott rims his hot boy hole getting his tongue into lube his tight hairy asshole, all the while Jordan wanks his own big cock.

Once it is nicely wet, Scott pumps his thick dick into Jordan’s raw ass, bareback fucking him hard with long deep strokes till he is balls deep in his hole.

They switch up positions a few times with Scott getting his dick deeper into Jordan’s bubble butt.

Scott slides his erect cock up and down Jordan’s ass crack then bare fucks him until Jordan can take it no longer, he sprays cum all over them both.

Quickly followed by Scott who pulls out and jizzes before fucking the cum back inside Jordan’s freshly fucked ass.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Jordan Faris and newbie Belami boy Dean Cullen sit on the sofa in just their t-shirts and sexy undies.

Judging by the size of his huge crotch bulge Dean is already sporting a big long uncut dick, 20 years old, and a 20 cm (7.8 inches) cock.

The sexy boys reach in and grab a romantic kiss as they feel each other’s bodies with their hands.

Jordan gets straight to work, unleashing Dean’s super erection and swallowing it down whole right to the back of his deep young throat.

He really works Dean’s big uncut cock in long swift in and out strokes making sure he gets his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Jordan knows how to suck dick and expertly polishes Dean’s dick head with his tongue making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Then Dean turns around and pushes his bare asshole into Jordan’s face.

Jordan responds by parting Dean’s ass cheeks and running his wet tongue along his ass crack before getting it deep into his hot boy hole.

Dean just loves the sensation of Jordan’s moist lips on his hole and tenses each time Jordan’s tongue makes contact.

Then looking straight into Dean’s eyes, Jordan presses his big young dick home, until his balls slap against his ass.

Now with Dean on all fours on the bed, Jordan fucks him doggy style hard and deep changing his speed from slow to fast and back to slow again, bringing Dean close to orgasm a number of times.

Dean just loves the feeling of young stud Jordan’s hard thick dick moving inside his asshole.

Jordan can hold off for no longer and pulls out a blows a huge cumload over Dean’s face, giving him a nice cum facial.

Dean licks up Jordan’s cum before Jordan re-enters his hole and fucks him all the way until Dean blows his load jizzing all over his ripped abs.

The horny boys kiss as they fall into each other’s arms.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

All of Benny Saverin’s scenes with us were filmed within the 6-month window when he was with us.

This was chronologically the 2nd of the batch, and it is the last one that we have to give you.

It’s certainly not the case with Jordan Faris, who is with us for quite a while and has over 30 hardcore scenes to his name, with still plenty to come.

Although Benny had a fairly short stay with us, we are very happy with his contributions, always fun and happy with a charming smile and mischievous glint in his eyes.

Today he is bottoming for Jordan, with our more experienced guys giving him a few lessons in love.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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