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Jeff Mirren from my point of view appeared to be a rather problematic model. Great body, perfect ass but rather an unusual face.

To make the story a little more colorful he has a tendency to hypochondria and keeps prescribing himself all sorts of pills and cures.

On the other hand the more he works the better he gets and he gained a lot of experience recently helping Kevin preparing and training new models.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Jeff Mirren

Guest photographer Benno Thoma is back with us today for our Art Collection set of images with Jeff Mirren and Ryan McKenna.

Benno has chosen to split this set into 2 scenarios, the first a ‘selfie’ session in bed, and then a more striking and artistic outdoor session.

Either way, both guys look great and we think Benno has done a superb job here.

This Africa series varies a bit on previous ones, in that not all of our photo sessions end with a jerk off, about half of them do, and half don’t.

We’ll try to keep it well mixed, but this is the first of those without the usual JO ending…Join them!

Bobby Noiret is one of our boys that seems to get sexier and sexier as he gets older. Luckily for us, his partner in today’s scene also fits into the same category.

We join Jeff Mirren as he goes through his morning rituals, waking, freshening up, making breakfast for his lover and then getting fucked until he soots a literal geyser of cum.

If this isn’t Jeff’s best ever scene, it certainly is his best ever cumshot and it seems he may be taking ejaculatory advice from Adam Archuleta…Join them!

Helmut Huxley, as the center of attention in this group flip-fuck. This two-part scene, which started yesterday, begins with Helmut getting the chance to top 3 of our most stunning boys: Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, and power bottom Marcel Gassion.

Helmut is noticeably having the time of his life taking on these three Belami studs at once. In Part Two, which goes live tomorrow (Saturday) we see Jeff, Roald and Marcel get the chance to have a turn at Helmets beautiful ass.

These very talented bottoms show that they can give it just as hard as they take it. The chemistry between all 4 guys is palpable and the action itself is first class throughout.

This is an instantly classic Belami fourgy that should not be missed…Join them!

Jeff Mirren has a lot of good looking friends and this he realizes is sometimes a bit of a problem.

He’s looking through the sex dating app Grindr on his phone with Enrique Vera, and every boy he sees there doesn’t really compare with any one of his friends.

Enrique is ready to help a friend out.

Today is part one of a two special where we see sexy young hunk Jeff whispering sweet nothings into Enrique’s ear as he kisses him passionately.

Then he slips his fingers between Enrique’s smooth ass cheeks to give him easy access to his hot pink hole.

As he rims his boy hole getting it wet for his big cock. Jeff bareback fucks Enrique till both young lads stream with cum.

Jeff fires his load directly into Enrique’s waiting hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Maori Mortensen is out for a run in the gardens as he jogs his ripped muscular body ripples. As he is doing press-ups Jeff Mirren offers him encouragement asking him why he exercises so much.

The sexy boys start making out, kissing passionately before they head indoors for some hot sex.

Maori wanks Jeff’s big dick until it is fully erect then he wraps his lips around it going all in balls deep.

Jeff moans loudly as Maori blows his cock swallowing it all the way till it hits the back of his deep throat.

Maori then lies back as Jeff returns the favor. Jeff runs his tongue up and down Maori’s thick uncut dick while wanking it before getting his tongue around the tip, and his lips on his thick foreskin.

Jeff spreads his legs allowing Maori to part his ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue in deep in his hole.

Maori licks Jeff’s asshole getting it nice and wet with his saliva, and ready for his thick dick.

With Jeff lying on his back and his legs splayed up in the air, Maori forces his throbbing knob deep into Jeff’s raw asshole.

Maori bareback fucks Jeff’s bubble butt in a rhythmic pump-action getting his dick balls deep in his ass.

Jeff moans with pleasure as he feels Maori’s massive member moving deep inside his hole.

Maori holds Jeff’s feet above his head pressing his rock-hard cock harder and deeper into Jeff’s butt hole.

Jeff then takes control hovering his ass hole over Maori’s huge erection bouncing his butt down repeatedly getting it in deep.

Maori powerfucks Jeff until both horny guys are close to orgasm when Maori pulls out and aims his dick into Jeff’s face.

He cums shooting a huge volley of cum shots into Jeff’s face as Jeff licks up Maori’s load.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Gay threesome Gonzo scene with Joel Birkin, Jeff Mirren, and Nate Donaghy.

While not to everyone’s taste we hope this hot Gonzo scene will be able to find something in this one to make you change your minds.

It should have enough appeal for all of us size queens, outdoor sex fans, Joel lovers or fans of Nate and Jeff, and also those of us who just love to see a bottom enjoying himself as much as Jeff does.

Our cock hungry Jeff is in his glory today as he attempts to stuff himself from both ends with as much dick as he can handle…. and that can be quite a bit.

Even Joel knows that this is one of the rare times that he doesn’t need to hold anything back.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie ripped young hunk Jesse Tobey’s huge thick uncut cock barebacking sexy stud Jeff Mirren.

It’s time to say goodbye to Jesse today as we give you the last scene that we have with him.

As far as farewell scenes go, this is up there with the best of them, due, not in a small part, to his hot and horny scene partner, Jeff Mirren.

Jeff is a versatile guy, but we believe that he gives his best performances when he is getting fucked.

He is also one of our guys who gives 100% in every scene and you can be almost guaranteed that he is going to work up a sweat in the name of pleasuring his buddy.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy dark haired stud Jeff Mirren’s massive uncut dick barebacking blonde Jens Christensen’s tight asshole.

We are knee-deep in the holiday season at BelAmi land and today we have the irresistible Jeff Mirren kicking off this week in a scene with Jens Christensen.

While neither model really qualifies for the role of Santa, they both would make perfect gifts to wake up to on Christmas morning.

See all Jeff Mirren gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.

See all Jens Christensen gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here and at Freshmen here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Gorgeous ripped young jocks Jeff Mirren and Nate Donaghy stripped bare If last week’s twinkly duo left you wanting more jocks, this week’s Model of the Week spotlight is shared by another jockly duo. Shooting at our Castello site, perennial favorite Jeff Mirren is joined by freckled stunner, Nate Donaghy. This time around Benno Thoma is our guest photographer, but as you’ll see in the video, nearly everyone wanted to sneak a peek and take some photos of the lovely pair themselves. See all Jeff Mirren gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here. See all Nate Donaghy gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here. Join them!

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Jeff Mirren

Joaquin Arrenas was given a Spanish name for several reasons: First, he has a bit of a Latin lover look to him. Second, he is fluent in Spanish having spent several years in Barcelona. When on location we sometimes catch him watching Spanish “Tele Novellas” on TV.

Perhaps not an archetypal beauty, he makes up for it by being very charming and “muy caliente”.

Joachim’s partner in this scene, Jeff Mirren, is typically a bottom. Today, he reminds us that he is also an energetic and enthusiastic top. Or as Joachim might say, Fantastico…Join them!

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