Antony Lorca

All gay porn pics and gay porn videos of Antony Lorca.

The story of Antony Lorca would be a fairly long and complicated one to tell here.

There are not too many boys where I would be prepared to wait for 3 years to start releasing their material, but Antony is one of them.

When he first came to us he was tall, but still with a bit of baby fat in his face and 1 front tooth a couple shades darker than the others.

By now he has graduated from university and became quite an athletic hunk.

Any material you get with him will vary depending on when it was shot and you will need to exercise some patience here as we won’t necessarily be releasing it in the order it was filmed.

In any case, from early responses it looks that you will enjoy him a lot.

Antony is currently part of our ‘Musketeer’ team and is at this moment involved in filming the new reality series.

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Aquarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5 inch dick /21cms
Height: 5’9″ / 198cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 183lbs / 83kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Belami Online scenes of Antony Lorca

Over the time that we have been working with Gregg Meyjes (his first scene is from March 2014) his scenes have consistently rated highly amongst Belami fans.

Today we have Gregg back in a scene with dark haired and handsome Antony Lorca.

We start the scene with Antony finishing off his set of 1000 sit-ups (and given that body, I’m inclined to believe him) when his strenuous exertions attract the attention of Gregg, who has a much better idea of how to continue the work out…Join them!

Sexually it has been quite a varied week this week. Starting off with the innocent lust of Tommy Poulain, moving through to the intense encounter with Torsten and Jeroen and now to cap it all off we have a flip flop scene with Andrei Karenin and Antony Lorca.

This scene is the continuation of ‘Antony’s Accidental Lovers’ and we chose it a)because we think both boys work really well together, and b) after our predominantly blond and ginger updates earlier in the week we thought that you would enjoy some brunets as well.

Today we prove that domesticity can also be very sexy. Antony is overly excited as just having purchased 3 new pictures, and he needs Andrei’s help in hanging them…Join them!

Antony Lorca is desperate to join the team that was about to head off to Cape Town filming, but to be able to go, he has to promise that he is ready to bottom as well as just top.

To ensure that he is, he enlists the help of Brian Jovovich to take care of his training in that respect. Even if this was his first time on camera, he hands in a performance that makes us suspect that maybe he had been practicing in private as well…Join them!

What are “Freshmen”? Some seem to define them as twinks only.

For us, Freshmen can be either twinky or athletic. They are simply models in the early stages of working for us.

Thus, both Jon Kael and Antony Lorca fall in that category.

We hope you enjoy their scene today…Join them!

It is great when your friends have the same size clothes as you. It means that you can steal whatever you think would look good on you.

At least there are no worries here with Jerome Exupery, who is always happy to share whatever he has, and if his reward for doing so is getting fucked by Antony Lorca, even better…Join them!

Muscle and jock lovers living in the United States will have extra reasons to be thankful after feasting on this steamy three-way featuring Antony Lorca, Rhys Jagger, and Andrei Karenin.Join them!

Today we have our dark-haired adonis, Antony Lorca, together with our blond Hungarian, Yuri Alpatow in our latest night scene. Our night scenes may be the most intimate and romantic series here on Belami Online and today’s scene definitely follows that form with slow and sensual lovemaking at its best…Join them!

From the opening of this scene we would expect it to be Jambo Africa week, but this is in fact one of the scenes left over from our last African project.

We join our heros today playing with balls on the beach. It is a good opportunity to show of the physiques of both Antony Lorca and Lance Thurber at their best before they head back to the house for a little more intimate fun.

Both guys are impressively endowed, physically well matched and hungry for sex.

Lance is one of our big dicked guys that really loves to bottom and you can see that he really appreciates the treatment he is getting from Antony’s huge cock…Join them!

Today’s Belami boys scene of Johnny Bloom and Antony Lorca was filmed on a trip to South Africa on a trip a few years ago.

Anthony was the newbie here and this is a rare video of Johnny.

The boys arrive set for the pool and begin by spreading sun cream on each others’ sexy bodies.

They explore each other romantically and their lips meet. They kiss passionately and then Johnny kneels and sucks down hard on Anthony’s big twink dick.

The boys switch up with Anthony blowing Johhny before they rim and then Anthony bareback fucks Johnny’s hot bubble butt asshole.

The boys fuck like rabbits till they both explode in streams of hot boy cum dripping down their ripped bodies.

A beautiful tender fuck.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

We try to be fair to our guys who are about to experience their first bottoming session.

So we try to match them with one of our experienced tops with an average-sized dick.

However, when we suggested a few names to Ashton Montana, he made it clear, he wanted big and beautiful no holds barred.

So in keeping with his wishes, Luke called up Antony Lorca to take up the honor of being Ashton’s first on-screen partner.

Lucky Anthony gets to pop Ashton’s anal cherry.

Both guys are extremely tall at around 6 ft 7 inches in height, otherwise, the guys are more complimentary.

Luke’s filming here today is very free-flowing and natural, relying on the guy’s natural and mutual attraction to lead the way.

There is none of the normal carefulness or timidity that we sometimes get in a ‘1st’ scene and Ashton truly seems to relish being fucked by Antony’s big, cut dick.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

One thing must be said about Antony Lorca, and that is that he is a real smooth operator and is able to charm his way into anyone’s pants in a matter of minutes.

It helps here though that Ryan McKenna is not offering up any resistance, but instead probably wants it even more than Antony.

We start off with a reference to early BelAmi with the cherry opening to the scene, and Antony promising to add one more fuck position for every cherry than Ryan doesn’t manage to get in his mouth.

While it is obvious that cherries are the last thing on either guy’s mind, it is still fun to watch them play the game.

Since we start off romantic and tender, the boys decided to continue that way, with slow and erotic lovemaking.

Antony as usual excels in his role as the top, with Ryan spreading his legs wide to allow for the deepest possible penetration.

When he can’t hold on any longer, Antony delivers a huge creamy load onto his mate’s ass before slowly massaging it back inside with his still hard cock.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Kevin Warhol is feeling a little bit left out of the action since the arrival of a few newcomers who’ve stolen some of this sexual thunder.

Luckily he is not one to pass up an opportunity as he does today with Antony Lorca.

He catches Anthony as he is about to set off for a day trip.

Shortie Kevin tells Anthony he is sexy and persuades him to step out of the van and head back to the house.

As they arrive through the door they kiss passionately and feel each other’s ripped muscled bodies as they strip off their clothes.

Kevin undoes Anthony’s jeans and pulls at the back of them exposing Anthony’s gorgeous bubble butt.

He gets his hands spreading Anthony’s ass cheeks wide so he can get at his hot hole.

Kevin’s strips off naked as Anthony sucks down hard on his big erect uncut dick.

With Anthony in raised missionary position, Kevin kisses and caresses Anthony’s low hanging balls and gets his tongue deep into his ass crack, licking and kissing his tight ass hole.

Anthony has a massive cock and Kevin tries his hardest to swallow it whole, gagging as the big mushroom head hits the back of his throat.

They 69 with both young men sucking each other all the way down to their balls.

Grabbing at Anthony’s legs, Kevin pulls them over his head giving him access to his bare ass.

Kevin then sinks his huge uncut dick deep into his hole, making him moan with pleasure.

Anthony can feel Kevin’s thick cock throbbing in his raw hole, as Kevin pumps him hard and long.

The sexy guys switch positions a number of times, with each change Kevin presses his hard uncut cock deeper into Anthony’s raw ass hole.

Kevin pulls out and sprays cum all over Anthony, quickly followed by Anthony who cums in Kevin’s mouth-coating his tongue and lips with his hot jizz.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today is the day that sexy blonde young stud Christian Lundgren’s boyfriend Hoyt Hogan is moving out of their shared apartment.

A new dark-haired dude Antony Lorca is moving in.

Christian is missing Hoyt’s big cock already and is thinking of going back to using his huge dildo to get his daily dose of big dicks.

He soon realizes that Anthony might just be a suitable big dicked alternative and they start making out as soon as he arrives.

Anthony smothers Christian’s hot ripped young body with sensual kisses, all the way from his sweet lips down to his huge erect cock which he sucks down hard with his big mushroom cockhead hitting the back of his throat.

Anthony blows his dick whilst probing his asshole with his fingers getting him nice and ready for his own huge dick.

As Christian lies on the bed with his knees together and his legs held aloft Anthony forces his big hard cock deep into Christian’s tight ass hole, getting it balls deep with long hard strokes.

From all the moaning it is clear that Christian loves the feeling of Anthony’s inches moving inside his raw ass, he can feel every thrust, making him horny for more.

The switch positions with Christian in a sideways missionary position allowing Anthony hardcore bareback pummeling to pick up speed as both horny studs get close to orgasm.

Anthony stops briefly to catch his breath before once again hammering his raw cock home as Christian’s moaning gets louder, he can feel his cum rising up from his balls, not long now.

Christian tighten’s his ass muscles gripping Anthony’s fuck tool as Anthony wanks Christian’s dick too.

First Christian loses control firing off a huge volley of cum shots all over the place.

He’s quickly followed by Anthony who pulls out spraying Christian’s bubble butt with his huge jizz load before shoving his wet cock back inside Christian.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After the hot fucking between Christian Lundgren and Antony Lorca, Christian’s boyfriend Hoyt Kogan returns to find Christian alone.

Hot muscle dude Hoyt is a little suspicious as Christian is covered in cum. He tastes the jizz and says this is not from you, is it?

Hoyt then hearing the shower, heads to the bathroom and finds a stranger, Antony Lorca cleaning himself off.

After a brief discussion, Hoyt starts to make out with Anthony under the water shower.

They are joined by Christian Lundgren who wants to make it up to Hoyt.

The three dry off and make their way to the bedroom where they lie on the bed sucking each others’ huge young dicks.

Anthony lies between the sexy boyfriends sucking first on Hoyt and then on Christian’s big uncut cocks.

While Anthony is blowing Christian, Hoyt slides his huge uncut dick deep into Christian’s hot bare hole till he is balls deep inside fucking him in long forceful strokes.

Anthony then takes over barebacking Christian’s hot hole while Christian rims Hoyt’s bubble butt asshole.

The sexy boys are all close to orgasm first up is Hoyt who gives Christian a huge cum facial quickly followed by Anthony who pulls out just in time to spray a huge cum load all over Christian’s ass before fucking the cum back inside his freshly fucked ass.

So all three lie back exhausted on the bed arm in arm like three musketeers that sure makes for being a merry threesome after all.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

The prince of the perfect dimples, Claude Sorel leads us on a sexy romantic love making trip with suave and sexy Antony Lorca today.

As with any perfect romance, the guys start off sharing icecreams on the streets of Budapest before seeking somewhere a little more private to consummate their newfound love.

This year marks Claude’s 12th anniversary at BelAmi and we think he still looks as great as ever.

Still, an active model he also splits his time editing and filming scenes as well.

Today Claude is bottoming for Antony’s huge uncut dick, showing off his deep-throating skills and seducing us with one of the sexiest come-to-bed smiles of all the BelAmi models.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

For collectors of our DVDs, this scene with Kris Evans and Antony Lorca will already be familiar to you, but for the rest of us, it is hopefully a welcome addition to our programming and the first scene in almost 2 years for Kris.

Please don’t ask if this means he is coming back to film again, as the answer to that is sadly no, but to see him here together with the equally delicious Antony Lorca is a bit of a change from our current models and adds a bit of variety that we hope you all appreciate.

Some extra good news is that for our 30th anniversary we will be remastering some of Kris’s (and Antony’s) earlier scenes and bringing them back online again.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami sexy young stud Antony Lorca’s huge uncut dick fucking Roald Ekberg’s tight bubble butt.

There are times in life that call for slow and sensual love-making, and there are other times when the lust is so overpowering that it possesses the whole being and turns guys into love monsters.

The victims of Lust today are blond and buff Roald Eckberg and swelteringly sexy Antony Lorca.

During a run along the beach, Lust starts to take hold of the guys, and by the time they get home, it is in full possession of both mind and body, resulting in Antony throwing his lover to the bed and ripping his clothes off before hungrily devouring every inch of his body.

Lust is not satisfied easily and demands more than just foreplay, so pretty soon both buys are naked and Antony is burying his rock-hard dick deep inside Roald, thrusting deeply to try and satisfy his buddy’s urgent desires.

See all Antony Lorca gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.

See all Roald Ekberg gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hot ripped muscle stud Antony Lorca’s huge cock barebacking young dude Tim Campbell’s bubble butt This is the older of the two updates that we have for you this week from Cape Town; it features Tim Campbell and Antony Lorca. Normally, we only provide you with one update per week from Cape Town. Since we made use of this jacuzzi on our yearly journey between 2013 and 2018, you should be able to pretty accurately date this clip based on its location. This is turning out to be quite the romantic encounter for the guys today, as they transition from blowjobs in the jacuzzi to continuing the action outside of the tub. Tim gets to be Antony’s lucky bottom today because he gets to take Antony’s enormous, cut dick all the way to the limit. See all Charlie Sparks gay hardcore fuck sessions at Bentley Race here. See all Tom Robinson gay hardcore fuck sessions at Bentley Race here. Join them!

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