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Andrei Karenin is a model who arrived for the first time three or four years ago. Still a twink, he was delicate, slender, and eager to please. He fell off the radar and then I discovered that he’d filmed several episodes for Hammer Entertainment. After this, he stopped shooting and disappeared completely.

Because Andrei came through a scout that I use regularly, I asked the scout to keep an eye on him. Andrei eventually returned, like a ghost from the past. This time he came not as a limber youth, but an athletic young man – still as beautiful, still as cuddly – and started to shoot for us.

So, he will shoot and shoot regularly with us – both as a top and as a bottom. Andrei isn’t a temperamental and fast lover. Rather, he is deliberate, gentle and methodological. He is of Russian ancestry, though only one of his parents is Russian and the other is Czech. He lives in the Czech Republic, but also speaks fluent Russian.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Pisces
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick (17.5cms)
Height: 5’9″ (186cms)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs (78cms)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Andrei Karenin

Andrei Karenin’s little masquerade as a photographer does not last all that long today and almost as soon as Maori Mortensen has his clothes off Andrei has his big cock in his mouth.

Maybe he was just helping him get hard for the photo shoot, but what happens next is definitely not a normal part of a Belami photo shoot.

While Andrei probably has the more defined body, Maori has it on him in size, and together they make a fantasy ‘jock’ couple. Maori is the bottom here today, but Andrei still can’t seem to keep his hands off his fat cock and bouncing balls.Join them!

We’re very happy today to be able to present to you the first scene from ‘Blake Mitchell is An American in Prague’ co-starring Eluan Jeunet and Andrei Karenin.

We wanted to plan a very special welcome for Blake from the moment he stepped off the plane, so we dispatched 2 of our hottest and most experienced models to pick him up at the airport and make sure he was made to feel welcome.

Although it’s Eluan who is the instigator of all the action, it is Andrei, at his sluttish best, that turns out to be Blake’s welcome gift. Both Blake and Eluan take turns filling his ass and his mouth with cock and cum…Join them!

It is often very handy that we have several personal trainers among our model roster. Whenever a new guy needs some tips and pointers, they always seem willing to help out.

The only drawback to this is that the boys always seem to end up trained in something other than bench presses and lunges.

Today we have Jeroen Mondrian coming in for some workout hints from Andrei Karenin, but from the moment he starts changing his clothes, it is evident that he has something else on his mind and despite a few token minutes of ‘training’ Andrei quickly gives in to his desire to be fucked by the hunky Jeroen…Join them!

If this wasn’t all about lovin’, we’d have to refer to this scene as the battle of the bodies.

Andrei Karenin and Niko Vangelis have to be the 2 guys with the most stunning bodies that we have at the moment at BelAmi so it is great to see them paired up in this scene together today.

This is actually one of Nico’s training scenes, and it isn’t hard to see why we chose to put him with Andrei, although I am almost sure that they must have paired up for some off camera training of their own beforehand.

Niko is bottoming in today’s scene, and we will see him back again in a threeway very soon…Join them!

If there was ever an episode that could lay legitimate claim to the ‘Jock Love’ title, then this has to be it. Both guys Zac DeHaan and Andrei Karenin are quintessential jocks, spending much of their free time working out or playing sports. Today they are in front of the camera for a little romantic rough and tumble. After a rigorous fuck, a pair of explosive cumshots finishes off the boy’s pre-breakfast workout here…Join them!

Filmed with a wry sense of humor, Andrei Karenin casually discards a selection of our new guys are being ‘too young’ for what he has in mind, and then settles on Manuel Rios to join him and Brian Jovovich for a promised threesome…Join them!

Sexually it has been quite a varied week this week. Starting off with the innocent lust of Tommy Poulain, moving through to the intense encounter with Torsten and Jeroen and now to cap it all off we have a flip flop scene with Andrei Karenin and Antony Lorca.

This scene is the continuation of ‘Antony’s Accidental Lovers’ and we chose it a)because we think both boys work really well together, and b) after our predominantly blond and ginger updates earlier in the week we thought that you would enjoy some brunets as well.

Today we prove that domesticity can also be very sexy. Antony is overly excited as just having purchased 3 new pictures, and he needs Andrei’s help in hanging them…Join them!

Today we have another of Christian Lundgren’s Accidental Lovers, Andrei Karenin. A night out on the town may have put Andrei to sleep as soon as they got home, but it certainly made him as horny as hell the next morning.

This is a high energy encounter between two expert lovers as their primitive urges take over and we move from serene ‘wake up’ sex, to some of the most frenetic love making we have seen for a while.

Whatever Andrei can give Christian takes and then asks for more. Maybe Christian have just discovered the best hangover prevention ever…Join them!

We have a treat today for all the Jack Harrer lovers out there as he is joined by Andrei Karenin to help him fulfil a little wish list he has made. Andrei here is probably in the best physical condition he has ever been in, and obviously very turned on by Jack’s attentions.

With a dick like Jack’s, we often see it become the center of attention in a lot of encounters, but this time it is all about the pleasure that Jack can give Andrei, first with a deep blow job and then long and erotic rimming session, so erotic in fact that Andrei shoots his load right there and then before the fucking even starts.

Don’t be fooled however into think that it may be enough for Andrei, as within minutes he is hard again and impaling himself on Jack’s dick. Often Jack has to be a bit careful how hard he fucks a guy, but this time it certainly isn’t a problem at all, the harder and faster he goes, the more Andrei enjoys it.

This is definitely one of our best scenes with both of these guys…Join them!

Muscle and jock lovers living in the United States will have extra reasons to be thankful after feasting on this steamy three way featuring Antony Lorca, Rhys Jagger and Andrei Karenin.Join them!

Earlier this summer we released Jon Kael’s casting and one scene with Joel and Raf and we promised that you will be seeing more of this beautiful young man in the future.

In today’s scene we have paired him with Andrei Karenin, one of our resident trainers at the BelAmi gym. Andrei’s task is to check if Jon have what it takes to become BelAmi’s next super model and the verdict is that Jon seems to really enjoy being drilled…Join them!

Harris Hilton sometimes may appear to be a little shy, but we are sure that this is just one of his tactics in the art of seduction. In this scene with the gorgeous Andrei Karenin, he has the opportunity to also bring out his hot and passionate side as well. Just watch the amazing load Harris shoots onto Andrei’s cheeky face…Join them!

Andrei Karenin teaches Carlos Effort all the good things he has learned during his time at Belami.

He compliments Carlos and kissing him passionately all over and licks his shaved armpits as he makes his way down his sexy body to his thick already hard uncut dick.

Carlos lies back his six-pack abs rippling as he can’t get enough of Andrei’s super balls deep blowjob.

Andrei turns him around so that he has a good view of Carlos’s smooth bubble butt. He gets his tongue in deep and kisses and caresses his ass crack and hole.

Andrei then slides down and kisses the soles of Carlos’s feet which Carlos loves.

Then he is back up to his asshole, probing it with his fingers and opening it up ready for his big thick cock.

Carlos then relaxes as Andrei presses his dick all the way into his tight ass, in long rhythmic strokes.

They fuck in multiple different positions, each time Andrei’s dick getting deeper and more forceful in his raw ass fucking.

Andrei can hold off no longer and he sprays his hot cum load all over Carlos’s bubble butt, before fucking the cum back into his ass hole.

Carlos Effort and Paul Cassidy enjoy another hot raw fucking over at our sister site here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Andrei Karenin is lying in bed with the covers exposing his sexy ripped body.

He’s already horny and he’s finger his tight bubble asshole waiting.

He’s waiting for Peter Annaud who is showering and will soon join him in bed.

Peter’s huge thick uncut cock is fully hard.

As he walks out of the shower he removes his towel from around his waist to expose his thick young erect cock.

Peter rubs his hand across Andrei’s ass crack until he finds his hole and probes it with his finger.

Andrei then turns Peter around and lick his ass, getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, rimming his hot ass hole.

They switch again and Peter’s huge thick dick bareback fucks Andrei’s tight bubble ass, while Andrei moans at the top of his voice.

Peter manages to get his uncut cock all the way into Andrei’s hole till his balls hit his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Peter orgasm first spraying his jizz all over Andrei.

In part two tomorrow, Andrei’s big raw dick bare fucks Peter in a hot rematch.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Andrei Karenin is lying on his bed when the two dark-haired ripped muscle boys Derek Caravaggio and Giulio Pasolini invite themselves in.

Andrei pulls at Giulio’s sweatpants checking on the new guy’s big uncut dick.

The sexy young boys kiss passionately then Andrei releases his soft dick from Giulio’s underwear, it immediately stands proud and erect.

As Derek wraps his arms around Giulio’s muscled upper body, kissing his neck, Andrei goes in sucking on his long uncut dick balls deep in his mouth.

Andrei really works that blowjob from balls to the tip of his huge mushroom cockhead in steady strokes.

Giulio then takes control ripping Andrei’s undies off letting the horny dudes at his huge uncut cock with its raging hardon.

Andrei lies back enjoying it as the boys switch between kissing his body and sucking his throbbing dick.

Both Derek and Giulio get on all fours giving Andrei the choice of hot asses.

He rims Derek’s smooth hole before licking Giulio’s hairy hole, priming them both for his huge erect bare cock.

Andrei then bareback fucks their asses, first with Derek, he rides him deep and hard then Giulio hovers over Andrei’s raw dick pushing his bare ass down repeatedly onto Andrei’s rock hard uncut meat.

The boys take it in turns spraying their cum loads all over each other, After Andrei shoots he sucks the cum off the other two’s dicks.

Swallowing their jizz loads.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy ripped young muscle boy Andrei Karenin walks into the bedroom with a white towel around his waist to join Lance Thurber for breakfast in bed.

Andrei asks Lance to give him a massage and he drops the towel and lies face down on the bed, as Lance drips massage oil onto his muscular back.

Lance removes his boxer shorts and sits legs astride Andrei’s naked bubble butt.

The sexy couple embrace and Lance reaches down and kisses Andrei’s sweet lips.

Lance’s big soft uncut dick springs to a full erection and Andrei opens his mouth and swallows Lance’s dick whole.

Returning the favor Lance moves down and licks Andrei’s big thick cock deepthroating it till it chokes the back of his throat, making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Then positioning himself behind Andrei, Lance forces his hard erection between Andrei’s peachy ass cheeks gettings his long dick balls deep into his hot bare hole.

Lance power fucks Andrei’s bubble butt hole holding firmly onto Andrei’s shoulders, pulling him back down onto his hot cock.

They switch up positions each time Andrei’s hot ass taking a real pummeling with Lance fucking him harder and deeper with each change.

With Andrei bracing himself on all fours his asshole takes a real battering and he gets close to orgasm a number of times but manages to hold off willing Lance on to fuck him harder.

Now with Andrei lying n his back with his legs over Lance’s shoulders, he wanks his own dick as Lance’s hot cock slides in and out of Andrei’s tight bubble butt ass.

Andrei can hold off no longer and while Lance’s erect dick is still in his asshole Andrei shoots a huge cum load across his rippling abs and muscled chest.

Lance pulls out and sprays his jizz all over them both before Andrei sucks his wet dick clean.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we start off this scene with both John Lennox and Andrei Karenin fully naked with John lying on the bed sucking Abdrei’s huge 8-inch uncut dick.

John tongue-washes Andrei’s big pink cockhead getting it inside his thick foreskin.

Andrei then throws John onto the bed as they make out kissing passionately as Andrei rubs his hands over John’s rippling abs.

Then John moans loudly as he gives in as Andrei goes down on him, sucking his big thick uncut cock all the way till it hits the back of his throat making him gag for a second.

Watch as Andrei the expert cock sucker manages to deep throat John’s whole dick till his balls are on John’s lips.

With John on all fours, Andrei rubs his tongue up and down his hairy ass crack before getting the tip into his hot hole.

Now as Andrei comes up behind John his raw erect dick slips easily into John’s waiting asshole.

Andrei pumps away frantically as John jerks his own dick.

John lies down missionary style as Andrei power fucks him with long forceful strokes in and out.

Loving the feeling of Andrei’s thick erection moving inside him, he gets close to orgasm a number of times before Andrei expertly eases off and John can savor the hardcore barebacking for a bit longer.

Despite John’s butt hole being so tight, Andrei’s well-lubed cock slips in easily, and eventually, both young men can hold off anymore.

First John cums shooting a volley of hot jizz across his six-pack abs before Andrei pulls out, moaning loudly as he coats John’s bare ass with his load.

Andrei then fucks his cream back inside John’s freshly fucked asshole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young stud Joel Birkin slides his short pants down his huge erect uncut cock already outlined. As he whips them off his massive hard dick bounces into view.

Tom Pollock and Andrei Karenin are both shocked by the size. “It’s even bigger than in the picture!” exclaims Andrei.

First to dive down onto his hands and knees and grab ahold of Joel’s monster cock is Tom, he’s not quite sure where to start given the startled look on his face.

Holding it at its base Tom runs his tongue along its full length before getting his tongue wrapped around his big pink mushroom cockhead and thick foreskin.

Tom cannot swallow it whole, there is just too much length and girth.

Andrei has a better chance and he joins Tom stretching his mouth wide to receive Joel’s thick dick. Both young men run their lips up and down from tip to balls making Joel moan loudly with pleasure.

Joel then returns the favor first sucking Tom then blowing Andrei.

Andrei then bends over on all fours as Joel forces his raw uncut dick between his smooth ass cheeks and balls deep into his hot asshole.

Moaning incessantly Andrei can feel every inch of Joel’s huge erect cock as he pushes forward and pull back in a steady fuck rhythm.

Joel power fucks Andrei almost bringing him to an early orgasm on a number of occasions but the expert lover knows when to slow things right down and when to speed up again providing maximum pleasure to his bottom.

Next up is Tom who grimaces as Joel enters his hot hole for the first time. After a few minutes, he seems to get into the flow and presses his ass backwards onto Joel’s rampant dick.

With Joel’s cock still deep inside Tom, Andrei is first to cum, firing a huge volley of jizz into Tom’s mouth.

Joel then pulls out and blows his full load over both Tom and Andrei’s faces giving them a big cum facial. They lick up his cum before a final kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

On a beautiful summer’s day Andrei Karenin and Kirk Gauguin are jogging around the local park giving their ripped bodies some well-needed exercise.

Kirk removes his t-shirt showing Andrei how he keeps his six-pack abs in shape and Andrei can’t help feeling horny at the sight of his rippling muscles.

When they arrive home they shower together washing off the sweat from their run and making out, kissing and fondling each other as the water rains down.

The sexy boys continue their kissing and canoodling as they stand naked in the living room of their apartment.

Kirk falls to his knees and sucks down hard on Andrei’s big thick uncut dick getting it right to the back of his deep throat.

Andrei loves the feeling of Kirk’s wet tongue and sweet lips on his cock as he slides it in and out of his mouth.

With Kirk lying on the floor, Andrei returns the favor blowing Kirk’s big uncut cock and getting his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk moans with growing excitement as Andrei is an expert cocksucker.

They switch places and Kirk runs his tongue deep between Andrei’s ass crack finally hitting home with the tip of his tongue directly on his hot boy hole.

Then without any warning, Kirk presses his huge erection deep into Andrei’s raw asshole.

Kirk pummels Andrei’s hot hole forcing his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust.

Andrei quickly gets close to orgasm and several times almost loses control, but Kirk expert fucking manages to stop his lover from cumming too quickly.

They switch positions a number of times as Andrei just loves to feel Kirk coming at his ass from different directions.

Then as Kirk power fucks Andrei he can hold off no longer and stands up and fires off a volley of cum shots all over Kirk’s face and open mouth, giving him a cum facial.

Kirk licks up all of Andrei’s jizz before wanking his own dick hard, cumming right into Andrei’s mouth.

Finally, the two horny boys swap a cummy kiss.

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